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Eric Kemp

Default configuration file for SPA303 with the UC320w

Hello everyone,

I'm pretty new to this scene but I have been enjoying myself and our new phone system. My question relates to the default configuration file that the UC320 pushes to newly connected phones (such as the SPA300 and SPA500 series). There are some strange defaults like recognized call patterns wait 10 seconds before dialing out, Admin Login Disabled (403 Forbidden Error), as well as some other settings that I would like to change in the config file for the SPA303 with the UC320w.

1) Is there a sample configuration file for the SPA303?

2) How do I upload the new configuration manually to the phone or can I upload the new "default configuration" to the UC320 and then resync all the phones?

Sorry for all the questions and I look forward to any response!

Thank in advance,

Eric Kemp

Christopher Edgeworth
Frequent Contributor

Hi Eric,

In the spirit of keeping the system simple to configure, easy to manage and upgrade, the UC320W manages all of the phone and SPA8800 configuration and firmware files.  Most phone configuration changes are made through the UC320W Configuration Utility -- other user specific settings like phone password, ring tone, etc are done on the phone using the LCD screen menu.

The 10 second delay to make a call does sound strange.  How did you configure the system?  SIP Trunk or FXO.  PBX, Blend, or Keysystem.  What is the exact sequence you go through to make one of these calls with the delay?



Hi Christopher,

I am attempting to enable the PC port on an SPA 303 phone connected to a UC320W. I'm finding this rather difficult. I have changed my private networks VLAN to 1 as I cannot change it on the UC320W web GUI (have just noticed its stored in the backup config file so may be I could have got around changing my router (1801) and switch (SF20024P) config by changing and uploading). But the fact remains I can't login to the admin section of the phone to enable the PC port and VLAN tagging and I can't see a setting in the config to help. Perhaps I am missing something? Do you know a solution. My topology is 'routes voice and data with external dhcp' if selecting this is perhaps restricting the device (it greys out the data vlan section in network). Hope you can shed some light on this...

Many thanks,


Hi Allen,

The PC ports on the back of SPA phones are enabled by default.  The PC port will use untagged VLAN 1.  The UC320W solution uses two VLANs on the LAN side:  Voice VLAN 100 (tagged) and Data VLAN 1 (untagged).  If you look at the UC320W Documentation document found on this forum there are instructions how to manually set up the SG/SF switches VLANs.  With the new 1.1 switch firmware release there is an auto voice VLAN feature that makes it even easier.

Yes, the phone configuration pages are locked down to simplify management (through the use of the UC320W Configuration Utility) and support of the system.



Hi Chris,

I just wanted to thank you for the above information. I reconfigured the router config to use VLAN 1 and I updated the firmware on the switch. Shame you can't change the default VLANs in use on the UC320 device.

Once again many thanks,


Hi Allen,

Thanks for the feedback.  We do have the ability to change the VLANs as a feature request.  As a product that was just released in March, we wanted to put the core features in first, then add more advanced features over time.