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Dial Plan issues after 2.2.1 RC Install, FXO and SIP

I updated two systems to the new software today in  hopes of resolving some issues i'm having, and ran into dial plan issues after doing so. I'm posting A) to get comment from the Cisco guys and B) as a warning to other users.

Here are my experiences:

1. On a UC320 using analog FXO lines, after installing the new firmware and applying settings, my Region, dialing digits setting got changed. I has it set on 'dial 7 digits' and had the local area code specified, but the firmware update changed it to '10 digits', so my local calls started failing. After setting the option back to '7 digits' and applying the settings, i could make outgoing local calls again.

2. on a UC320 with a SIP trunk, my '7 digit' dialing settings didn't change, but it stopped sending all 10 digits to the SIP trunk which it had been doing before. I could see in the logs that it was only sending 7 digits. I believe before it was automatically prepending the '1+area code' to the dialed digits. I was not able to fix this by changing then changing back the outgoing digits settings, instead I went to the trunk settings and enabled the option to prepend '+1' to outgoing calls (which was not enabled previously, or if it was the firmware update disabled it). After making this change, the system will let me dial 7 digit numbers correctly now.

Christopher Edgeworth
Frequent Contributor

Sent a PM requesting configuration files.


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