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Dropped Calls SPA400 and SPA9000

Client reports that they had the system drop all three calls at one time.  They have three analog lines into the SPA400 and three times today, when all three lines were in use, they had the calls ALL drop.  I have asked them to confirm with Ma Bell that call waiting is turned off on all the lines.  We tested it two weeks ago and it was, I think.  I remember getting a busy signal calling in as the fourth line, but it might have been caused by something else.  Any other ideas?  Thanks.

Alberto Montilla
Cisco Employee

Dear Sir;

Difficult to say, how many lines are you using on the SPA400? Is the same SPA400 also used for VM?


3 lines total.  They still have not confirmed with at&t that there is no call waiting.  Yes, it is used for voice mail as well.  Today they had the issue where lines 1 and 2 would only be answered by rolling to the third line which will ring a direct internal extension.  Rebooting the SPA9000 and 400 fixed it and I was in a hurry, so I didn't have a chance to They are also complaining because they cannot hear the system ring until the third or fourth ring for the customers.  That needs to be fixed as well.  I might have to pull the system out if I cannot fix that issue along with the others.  Please help.  Thanks.

Dear Sir;

I suggest to place a second SPA400 for Voicemail only, as you have more than 2 lines connected (this is one of the design recommendations). Other than this, please check the call waiting disabled on the line.


They actually had call waiting installed on the third line and I'm guessing that is what was kicking them off.  Any ideas on what would cause the first two lines to become unavailable?  Thanks.

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