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DTMF playback over headset



I'm trying to assist a customer with an issue on their 7942G phones in their call centre.

They have their DTMF tones set to be transmitted out of band through the PBX to the phone, where we need the tones to be put back in to audio so that they can hear the same tones the customer dialled.

This happens fine on the handset, but when users are on the headset, they hear a mono tone beep rather than the correct DTMF tone.

Is there a setting on the phone or PBX that can correct this behaviour of the 7942G base unit?

I've contacted another customer who uses the same phone and they observed the same monotones played through the headset, so it looks like it's the default behaviour, but can it be changed to behave like the handset?

I've had a really good hunt around here, and elsewhere on the web, and not found anything - then again it's a fairly unique issue!

Thanks in advance,


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