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Dual registrations Cisco SPA514G?

Has anyone had any success with the Dual registration option in Cisco phones?

I'm using a Cisco SPA514G. The phone boots and register to the  first proxy and alternate proxy.

I shut down my main proxy, and the light is still green indicating that it's registered with my alternate proxy.

I call an extension, and the phone is still using  the first proxy... Confirmed by a wireshark sip trace.

My firmware is 7.5.7 and 2 asterisk servers.

Dan Lukes

Well, I never tried it, but I assume registration backup and (outgoing) proxy backup switching are independent.

As long as call can be originated via (outgoing) proxy, no alternate (outgoing) proxy is used. The same apply for registration - as long as phone can register to primary proxy, no alternate proxy is registered.

Just hypothesis, try to verify it by self. I have no environment for such kind of test ready now.

It seems like the phone needs to be able to lookup a valid SRV record for the proxy.

I do not have any, I'm using IP addresses.

Consider to read SIP Proxy Redundancy paragraph and following of Administration Guide,

 It describe the exact format for A based list as well as other conditions that needs to be fulfilled to make dual registration works.

Thanks, it looks like there's more details than in the admin guide.


It is Administration Guide (the latest version of) ...

Bought for  a client five phones, all the same Cisco's.

There  are four sip registrations possible in the SPA514G. (5060 6061 5062 5063)

All sip's  are registred but only the sip on EXT1 is accepting incoming calls. 

Why is this ? And how can it be solved ? 

Thanks, in advance for some advise.

Don't hijack other's thread with question unrelated to it's topic.

Start your's new thread, please.

Also, you should be more specific - what's the phone's response to SIP INVITE related to EXT2-4 ? (Don't describe it here but in new thread you will create).

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