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Dual WAN Connections for UC520

What is the best/recommend device to bring active dual WAN connections into a UC520 environment? Our environment is pretty basic but we do have a few teleworker phones (both IPsec and SSL).

I did find an article on how to configure one of the switch ports on the UC520 to be an additional WAN port, but it appeared it would only be a standby WAN port? I would like for the two WAN ports to load balance or at the least allow me to specify traffic A goes to WAN 1 and traffic B goes out WAN 2.

Thanks for your help!

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Dual WAN Connections for UC520


I've performed this configuration once before using a Cisco 1811(it has dual WAN connections) in front of the UC.  I'm fairly certain that the 1811 is EOL/Sale.  From what I remember, I had to have TAC help configure the 1811 for this purpose.  At the time, however, it was the Cisco validated solution for load balancing and dual WAN connections on a UC520.

I believe the 1941 (capability for dual WAN) has replaced the 1811.  You "should" be able to find a validated configuration for what you want to accomplish.


Dual WAN Connections for UC520

I believe the SA500 is also capable of this. (I seem to recall it being the Cisco recommended solution for this? In the SMB  line at least...)


There are multiple ways a UC520 could have 2 WAN connections directly connected. (Use switch port, switch in front of WAN port...)

You *could* split traffic using static routes and/or policy routing, but I do not think there is any way to load balance.

(Note: this is definetely NOT CCA compatible)


Re: Dual WAN Connections for UC520

The others are right, the SA500 series will give you a second WAN port using the 'optional' port, so UC500 WAN -> SA500 -> 2 x Access Services.

For these however, we usually deploy a higher end router such as a 1900 or 2900 series and manage via CLI or Cisco Configuration Professional tool.

We also have situations where the client has an MPLS provider for multi-site WAN, so usually we use the UC500 WAN port for this service so that we can do QoS, etc. and for the Internet, we'll use a LAN port on the UC500 connected to a ASA5500 series or SA500, then to an access router like a 1900 or 2900 series for multiple service providers. You then simply route to the ASA or SA500 as the default gateway.

Of course, the internet side is not supported in CCA (other than applying the correct smartport role and setting the default gateway). The rest is done at CLI or with other tools.