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Email notification using SMTP server from a shared hosting service

I cannot get CCA 3.0 or CUE 3.0 to accept a user name for an SMTP server that has a domain at the end of the name.  This is supposed to be a small business product. Most small businesses do not have the their own mail servers they use a hosted service which is almost allways shared hence the user names with . Is there any way to get around this limitation that has no prupose?

Thank you!

David Trad
Rising star

Hi Matthew,

I have hit this problem before in the past, however I just turn of SMTP authentication as you only need authentication for POP, with most shared hosting companies you never really see SMTP authentication required these days.

Is this an option for you?



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Hi David,

The email notification requires a SMTP server username and password. It is not my requirement it is the CUE requirement.

Where on CUE can I turn off the requirement for a username and password?



An SMTP username/password is not a CUE requirement, its an option CUE has.  If you do not need it on the other end, leave it blank on CUE.

If you can ping your SMTP server, and you have the feature enabled, it is not working because they need to accept/relay messages from your IP address.  If a username/password is required, it would be enabled on the email server side.

I dont have an answer for the domain in the username, i have set this up hundreds of times with out ever needing a username.

Good luck,  

Thanks Ryan.

I configured DNS servers in CUE which then allowed me to put in the SMTP server without CUE complaining about the username left blank. I can ping the SMTP server from the CLI

However the notifications still are not working. I don't know if my server won't co-operate without the username and login or it is some other issue. My notifications for calls do not work either.

Any ideas on why the notifications by phone would not work?