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Stefan Muscat

Factory Reset of an SPA502G without knowing the admin password


I have bought lately a refurbished cisco SPA502G phone (VOIP).  The problem with this is that I am not able to factory reset it since the admin password is not known.  I followed various procedures on how to be able to recover it but all was in vain.  Using the recovery software downloaded from Cisco site still asks for the admin password and pressing the ****,73738#,1 is not inititating the IVR on the phone.  Can someone highlight if it was possible for him to reset to factory defaults without knowing the password.   Maybe I am not aware of something trivial.  I tried to follow other procedures which mention to place the phone on an FXO port but the SPA502G has only ethernet and PC ports.

Let me know should you require further information to help in the troubleshooting.

Thanks in advance


paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame Master

Wrong forum, post in "Small Business voice - SPA phones". You can move your posting with the Actions panel on the right.

Hi Paolo,

Hope it is the correct one, hopefully someone answers my question.  Thanks for pointing it out.

Good day

Dan Miley

hi Stefan,

These phones are designed to allow providers to bundle them with the service.  They are designed to be locked down to prevent users of "free" phones from switching to other services, or selling them.

There is a factory default protection that is implemented by the provider/ITSP who can unlock it.  If implemented correctly with certificates and HTTPS encryption it would be very difficult to break into.

I would suggest find out who it was originally provisioned by and call their tech support, they may be able to unprovision the admin password on the device remotely.

Also contact the person who 'refurbished' it and ask for a return/replacement, as they did not test the unit before they sent it to you.

I have heard of folks who can crack this, but the links I've followed have been dead ends, or for completely different units.

If it was me I'd return it, or reverse the credit card charge.


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