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factory restore


planning to do a UC560 factory restore and reinstall using CCA3.0 on a week day. customer doesn't want the down time. so planned to divert the incoming calls to a mobile no while completing the task. will it work. i know we can't do any testing dialing outside lines. but will it possible. and CCA will accept this kind of solutions. after the factory reset, software upgrade, telephony wizard and complete configuration then change the divert back again.

any advice



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It might be easier for you to call the phone company and have the number forwarded.  Once the UC500 is down it's down and there is no call processing that will happen.

Hi marcus

service provider agreed to forward the incoming calls to a mobile no.

my question is, is this a standared method, will it work

Standard practice would be to do a backup and restore if you had one.  I'm not sure what problem you are having but if you feel it's necessary to reconfigure the UC500, I would use the TSW to save some time. 

The configuration file of the uc560 is all messed up, it is a Hybrid of CLI and CCA configuration, also its not functioning planning to rebuild using CCA3.0(1). to enable more functions (AA, multi site ext, etc)

Ok, then what you are suggesting make sense and I endorse it.

David Trad
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Rising star

Hi Shameer,

I answered your e-mail

I will be quite busy this weekend but I will try and keep Skype running where possible.

If you get really stuck make sure you call SMB support straight away, don't get yourself all into knots trying to resolve a problem, a 15 minute phone call will fix it up quicker then pondering over the issue.



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Hi David

Thanks for all your assistance and valuable advice.


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