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FXO line as default line


I am trying to determine if by default, when a phone goes off-hook, if it is possible to grab an FXO line instead of the user's internal, personal extension. I have a user who does not want to dial 9 o reach an outside line, he want to "pick up and go" as he says. Thanks.

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Hi Derek,

You can accomplish this in two ways: I prefer Shared FXO method:

1) Set the  UC320W as a key System

2) Create a Shared FXO line.  Then select which users will have the Shared FXO line appear on their Phone's display buttons.

For the Shared FXO case, the line button can be seized by just pressing the key assigned for the FXO, and the user should then be able to dial a number without the need of the Steering digit.



This is how we currently have it working - Shared FXO with a button assignment. However, the older users would prefer to pick up the handset and have an outside line immeditately.

The problem with the "pick up and dial" when behind a call-manager is that the device needs some way to know if it is going to need to dial out or dial to a local extension. If we were to force all calls to grab an outside line, you couldn't dial between inside users. The problem persist even if you get a "smarter" plan. Say your extensions are 100-110, but one of the local numbers you dial is 108-1111. That call would never go outside because it matches a local extension first.

Common PBX systems do that all the time. It's simply a matter of doing the opposite of the default setup for the UC320. You pick up the phone, and are on the internal system, push a button and sieze an outside line. It technically should be simple enough to reverse that. Pick up the phone, have an outside line, and if you want to dial internally, press your personal extension key. Just wish that were an option...


When I first implemented the uc320 in our office my "old" boss wanted the same thing. I advised him that he could have all the features he wanted in a phone system or he could go back to his two line AT&T phones. He came to realize that dialing a 9 was a small price to pay to get vm, aa, and sip capability.

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