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Dan Smith

FXO pstn trunk groups

Is it possible to create pstn trunk groups and use them to specify what extensions call out which fxo ports?

example:  extension range 100 places an outbound call which uses any of the ports 0/1/0 - 0/1/3

               extension range 200 places an outbound call which uses any of the ports 0/2/0 - 0/2/3

David Trad
Rising star

Hi there,

There could potentially be more then one way to do this, one of them could be the following:

  • Create Multiple Dial-Peers
  • Have each DP with a leading number i.e "0" for group one "9" for group two "8" for group three (The leading digit is to gain access to outside lines and will get matched to their appropriate Dial-Peers).
  • On the Separate Dial-Peer groups point them to the respective Voice-Port.

A caution though, since I have not done this yet I am unsure as to how many Dial-peers the system can handle, maybe if you were to trim them right down to only essential dial-peers, you could have quite a few groups, but i would imagine too many of them will starve the system of resources.

The other possible method is to run Trunk Line Monitoring:

  • Create a Trunk Line DN
  • Create a Trunk Line Dial-Peer
  • Assign each phone to the respective DN for that group
  • The line key should light up when it is in use, and will only handle one call at a time

The UC-500 is not good at partitioning, it is not a feature set of the system, the above are work around's and be assured they are not without draw backs, they are also CLI based configuration I am not sure if this could even be done in CCA, further to that I am notoriously bad at following OOB guide lines

Let me know if you require further info on how to do this.



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