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FXO to FXO call forward seems to be one way audio

This is a very strange problem.  We have a user that forwards their phone to a cell phone.  Call comes into the Cisco over FXO and transfers out over FXO to a cell phone.  After the forward, if they pick up the incoming call on their cell phone, everything is fine.   If they do not pick up the call, it goes to their cell phone voicemail.  However, when someone tries to leave them a message, the cell phone does not even register that a voicemail has been left.  We tried it with multiple cell phones from multiple carriers.  When we forward it to a land line, it works no problem.  The audio is pretty quiet though.

I ran a show call active voice brief while the forward was happening.

12B7 : 58 1523440ms.1 +140 pid:60 Answer 93156720 active
dur 00:01:08 tx:350/58482 rx:459/73440
Tele 0/1/3 (58) [0/1/3] tx:10550/10550/0ms None noise:-69 acom:39  i/0:-67/-68 dBm

12BD : 61 1533430ms.1 +2760 pid:127 Originate 3322701 active
dur 00:00:55 tx:0/0 rx:0/0
Tele 0/2/2 (61) [0/2/2] tx:0/0/0ms None noise:0 acom:0  i/0:0/0 dBm

It shows 0s for tx and rx on the second leg of the call.  It shows this same thing while transferring to cell or land line.  When I tested this in the office, it showed numbers in the tx and rx section.

I have a TAC case open but I am not getting anywhere.

David Trad
Rising star

Hi Jason,

Never seen this problem before, and seems odd.

Couple of questions:

  1. Does the user hear the AVR? (The typical "You have reached the voice mail of XYZ")
  2. Is the FXO line still lit up as soon as the VM system answers the call?
  3. What happens when the (B) end rejects the call and forces it to voice mail?
  4. Can you test this to an answering machine as well?

This one sounds very puzzling... I like puzzles and would like to know what is causing this problem



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