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Help With Cisco SPA504G IP Phones

Our office has 25-30 SPA504G IP Phones. Two of the phones, in the same office connected to same 2 port ethernet wall jack, will not work together with their respective PC. Once PC ethernet cable is connected to PC port on phone, phone no longer gets dial tone and lights up orange. Disconnect the PC from the phone and all is well. I've tested different cables and phones and everything works fine individually. It's only when the computer and phone are connected together, that there is a problem.

We initially thought the devices were sharing the same IP addresses. The former IT manager here said its not possible because we don't have enough devices to fill the pool. Aside from that he hasn't offered much help. I'm the lone entry level help desk guy here who has no one to help with this and very frustrated end users who need their phones. What could be going on here?                   

Gregory Garrian

What are those wall jacks connected to, as in what type of switch?

Also, if you take those phones and swap them out with other phones that are working properly, does the problem follow the phone are stay with the jack?

Is this CUCM or CUCME/UC500?

They are connected to a Cisco SA 520W Switch. Swapping the phones out doesn't solve the problem. Problem stays with jack. I switched ports on the switch and that seems to be working for one of the phones. Is it possible for individual ports to go bad? Do I need to switch ports again for the second phone to work with its computer?

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