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HELP WITH USED uc520w-16u

My night is not going well.  I recently purchased a used uc520w from eBay for my office.  Im trying to have the best for my new dream place, but this is something that has saddened my mood.  I plugged everything in right.  It powered up but then after a few seconds the Power Over Ethernet ports lights turn off and the only lights that remain on are the LED for SYS and POE.  I really was excited about this and have already bought the ip phones to go with it.  PLEASE PLEASE someone help me get it working.  CCA doesn't recognize it nor do I get an IP address from it when my computer is plugged directly to it.  I have googed til im blue in the face.  Please let me know.  Thanks for any advice.

paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame Master

You need to connect a via serial console first. From there you will handle it exactly the same as a non-booting router, for which there is an abundant documentation anywhere.

Note however the UC500 is not end-user friendly (and more so when in boot failure), so if you want sure, professional results the best way is to hire someone with certification or equivalent experience.

Just to echo what Paolo said, I would strongly recommend anyone interested in the 500 series to go through a professional to help them set it up. We have a great deal of experience in the telecommunications industry, and we bought what I would call a "gray market" unit without any professional services. We eventually gave up and sought out help, even trying to do a straightforward CCA-only install. It is a nice system and pretty straightforward to set up (our problem was solved by a software update) but still can be tricky.

Grab a serial cable and plug in to a local PC from the supervisors/priviledged port on the 500 series. The one that came with our 560 was colored baby blue, if you happened to get one in your package. Plug that into a PC, I believe the defaults are 9600 8n1 or 19200 8n1, and you should see details on what's going on during the boot. Hopefully nothing too bad.

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