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How do I activate the message waiting icon for an extension?

Barry McKinley

I have two 'blast' groups, one for sales and the other for service. Each group has 3 members. The users phones show their personal extension and their blast group extension. The message indicator (blinking envelope) is not showing for the blast group extension. How do I activate the message waiting indicator?




Fred Ferrell


I am looking to do the same thing.  What phones are you using?  I am using SPA504Gs.  Hope we get an answer soon!



I am using SPA509G phones.

I have not tried the information in Alex's link yet.

Alexander Maroukian
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Please check the following link:

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David Trad
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Hi Barry,

There are two (2) methods of doing this;

Method One - Floating Extension:

In this method you do not use an assigned GDM to the Blast Group, instead you create a floating extension which is then assigned to a button, and in the Blast Group Settings you use the "TransferVM" methodology which is using the TransferVM steering digit (Default is 6...), this way when the call is passed to the VM the original callers information is maintained right till the deposit, otherwise applying an explicit call-forward-all rule on the floating DN will not pass this information on.

Second Method - IMAP integration:

This is a good one if you have someone who can create a distribution list on the exchange server and distribute the e-mail to the relevant people, keep in mind though that with IMAP if someone deletes it, it will also get removed of the UC as well.

Both a crude methods of achieving the desired results, but they will work and they will do what you want its jsut a matter of which one is more suited to your environment.



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