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Douglas Byrne

How do I config "Roaming" Phones on Multisite UC500

I have two UC520's in two geographically different locations with 7970G handsets configured.

Site 1: 192.168.10.xx

Site 2: 192.168.20.xx

Intersite dialing works just fine and Multisite is configured via CCA with status of UP.

I have one user who will be moving between sites for long periods of time (6 months at site 1 and the other 6 months at site 2). 

I want to the ability to phyiscally move his phone from site 1 and plug it into site 2 and have it retain all site 1 settings (understanding the limitations of having that phone statically register to site 1, call park, etc).

UC520's are currently configured for MultiSite full mesh however when I have tested plugging in a 7970 phone from site 1 into site 2's port(s) it does not register.

Under the dated Multisite deployment guide ( it states:

"Can I move my IP phone between multiple sites?

Yes. In this case the "roaming" IP phone will be statically configured to register to its home site even if it is physically moved to a remote site. The roaming IP phone will receive all its services, including PSTN & voicemail from its home site, essentially making it a Teleworker phone."

Does anyone have this configured and workding? Am I missing a configuration step outside of having Multisite configured between the two sites and simply unplugging a configured extension from Site 1 into Site 2?

Other than configuring the phones via CCA to their Home UC I cannot see how to "statically" configre them to register with the home site.

Appreciate any guideance.



Sounds like you will need to keep the one phone registered to the remote system (the system the phone is programmed in) at all times. The caveat would be that if the vpn goes down, the phone will go offline but other local phones will stay active.

You will need to program statically through the phone's network settings menu (**# to unlock) the tftp server ip address of the system the phone is programmed to. The problem you may experience here is that the remote tftp server may not be reachable through the vpn tunnel as Cisco CCA likes to have the Voice VLAN on both sites use the same ip range.

To fix the above, you would need to adjust the IP ranges on both sites to be different from each other. Then ensure the vpn encompasses both ranges. To test being able to ping the voice and data vlan ip addresses from the opposite site is needed.



I appreciate the direction. 

Short of modifying the 10.1.1.x Voice VLAN's so they are unique by site, is there a way to specify TFTP server by Hostname or other method to "statically" define Site 1's TFTP server so it would be routeable via the Full Mesh VPN?


Hi. Unfortunately the hostname or dns resolves to the ip address which is duplicate at both sites. Recommend you make sure both sites have non overlapping ip ranges on at least voice vlan to allow phone to register. Then you can change tfp source interface to the voice vlan.

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Firstly, thanks for your continued replies, I really do appreciate them.

For what in theory seemed to be a simple configuration, this one has me pulling my hair a bit and of course it is for a single user!!!

I went with your initial recommendation of changing the Voice VLAN so that each site now has a unique Voice VLAN address range.  I then deleted all multisite configs and reconfigured them after the address change had been made.

Touble is I am not able to ping back an forth on the new Voice VLAN range and not quite sure where in the ACLs I need to modify or add the new Voice VLAN info (again all configuration has been done through CCA so it has made all updates)

I have now:

Site 1:

Data: 192.168.10.xx

Voice: 10.1.1.xx

Site 2:

Data: 192.168.20.xx

Voice: 10.1.2.xx

I am able to do intersite dialing between the two using (Intersite Digit)-(Site ID)- (Extension) and calling back and forth works fine.

When I move a phone that was configured to Site1 and plug it into a switch port in Site 2 it does not register

I update the TFTP to use address of (Site 1's TFTP Server) it still does not sucessfully register.

I am able to ping:

Data - Site 1 - to - Site 2

          Site 2 - to - Site 1

(all good here)

Voice - Site 2 - to - Site 1 but not the other way around.

Obviously I need to include 10.1.2.xx in the range of IP's that can be seen throught he VPN however I do not know where to make those modifications. Do you have any suggestions on that or a good place where I can find that documented?

Also in this configuration should the "Teleworker Phone" option be checked for the extension that will be statically configured to it's home site?

Any direction would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Douglas,

I can assist you if you post your sho run from each uc500. I will make the edits and send back to you. Feel free to use Private Messaging if you like.