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Patrick Brodala

How expand FXS ports on CISCO UC560BRI-K9

Hello friends, hello CISCO,

I have two customers who need to expand the FXS capabilities of the UC560 system. I mentioned to use a SPA8000 which comes with 8 ports.
Can I simply connect it to a SG300 or SRW500 switch and get access to the new ports? I know there's a tutorial somewhere - is this combination fully supported?
Thank you for your reply!

paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame Master

I would recommend to add one or two FXS cards in the expansion slots. These would support analog phones in SCCP mode, giving much more features. Better yet, convert users from analog to IP phones.

Patrick Brodala

Hey Paolo,
Thank you for your advice. Can you tell me which exact part no it is? And how many ports are available?

The spa8000 offers 8 fxs channels, and I found a tutorial that describes how to connect a uc to spa8000. Do you know whether it will work or not?

Thanks in advance

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have put a SPA8000 against a UC540 with only minor issues apart from one specific area: devices that have dial-up to a third-party clearer were timing out, as call setup from SPA8000 takes longer. Other than that the customer has seen no problems with ordinary analog handsets, speaker/conference phones, faxes or a couple of other devices that have a "call home" modem.

Setup is easy enough - you can't do it via CCA (or couldn't when tried), so just that add that to the list - and following the tutorial on here worked first time, so that's a good starting place if you need to go the SPA route.


You can use any FXS card cards listed in the UC500 datasheet.

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