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How is group paging implemented in BE3000?

Can a page be sent to all the idle phones at a site?  Ideally, the customer would like to use phones to broadcast a page throughout a facility. What are the options on a BE3K?

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This can be achived useing the Huntlist feature.

A hunt list consists of a group of extensions that can answer calls. You set up hunt lists for the purpose of

distributing calls amongst the users that belong to the group. For example, if the company does not have a

receptionist and several users must answer calls, consider setting up a hunt list to ensure that calls are evenly

distributed amongst the users that belong to the hunt list. For example, if several administrative assistants

must share the call load for several managers, consider setting up a hunt list to ensure that all calls are answered

quickly. You configure hunt lists on the Hunt Lists page in the Cisco Business Edition 3000 Administrative

Interface. (select Users/Phones > Hunt Lists).You can create as many hunt lists as you want.

Extensions in a hunt list can belong to users or departments. You can assign any user or department extension

to a hunt list, but only those extensions that are assigned to phones can actually answer the calls. An extension

may belong to more than one hunt list.

Pilot extensions for hunt lists must be in the extension range(s), but pilot extensions do not get assigned to

users or departments.

Broadcast—Cisco Business Edition 3000 distributes a call to all idle or available members of a hunt list



Question... I have the attendant console compact edition currently working with my BE3000 I am running an Infraestructura with SG500's and 6921 for phones. My system work in unicast mode.. However I need to configure multicast... Do I need a router for this?? Or the SG500 is enough? All I want to do is page my 6921's at the same time. But I don't want to have to go buy a router just to be able to do this. Does not make any sense..
Please any help will be appreciated.

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