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Tyler Bennett

How to give external callers ability to access extensions at multiple remote sites?

I would like to set our phone system up such that someone calling in to any one of our offices is able to to reach extensions at any of our four offices using the relevant 3 digit extension number (without any prefixes).

We have four UC500 series routers connecting our offices; one UC560 ond three UC540's.We use three digit extension dialing and presently have the system configured such that if I'm using a phone in one of the offices (IP Communicator) I can reach an extension an any of the other three locations simply by punching in the three digit extension. However if I (or a client) calls in to the office on an external line he/she is only able to access the extensions for the office to which he/she called. Any suggestions on how to resolve this?

Interim solution: at each office we have have set up three floating extensions which will forward the user to the auto attendant at the other offices and from there the user can dial the extensions for that office. I suppose we could do similarly for each individual user but that does not seem like a graceful or easily maintained solution.

At Present:

  1. 780-555-5555 (to reach auto attendant at office one)
  2. 300 (to reach auto attendant at office three)
  3. 3XX (to reach desired extension at office three)

I'd like to remove step two such that the user can dial in to office one and punch in an extension for office three and be connected.

paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame Master

That is done with appropriate dial-peer configuration. Do you have enough experience do that yourself? Otherwise the best would be to give the job to the people in charge of mainantaing your system (if able to), or an UC certified Cisco partner.

We have the dial-peer configuration set up and it allows 3-digit extension calling between offices without issue. the problem is that the dial-peer configuration appears to only apply to inter-office calling and does not extend to external callers.

I want client X to be able to dial into office A, punch in an extension for someone at office B, and be connected in the same manner that an employee in office A can reach an extension in office B. Is there anything special that has to happen to allow the dial-peer configuration to be applied to calls that originate externally?


Can you post a copy of the config from main office and one remote office? Also copy of CUE config from main office.

Make sure to remove any passwords from the files.

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