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How to have DND trigger BLF?


We have new Cisco 8861 phones programmed with set up and working, however the DND mode does not turn the BLF indicator red. Is there a setting that needs to be changed to enable this? I've found the following documentation from Cisco, but as we have 3PCC phones and no access to CUCM, none of these options are available to us. Is there a way to configure this through the web UI?


Thanks and happy holidays! :)



Dan Lukes

BLF service is not instant magic. It's service that needs to be provided by someone.

Verify the service in question is provided by

If yes, check documentation related to such service.

We can help you to configure it on 8861 then - but now we know no requirements related to the BLF based DND indication does not have any documentation on BLF functionality, however I have confirmed with them that it is enabled and functional on my server. Unfortunately that's all the info they can provide on the matter, hence why I was asking if there was something in the Cisco Web UI that could be used to program it.

if there was something in the Cisco Web UI that could be used to program it.

You need to know values for ext= and sub= to configure BLF. No one but state provider ( here) knows the values you need to configure.

Lack of documentation may mean just there's nothing to document. I assume DND state is NOT published as BLF state by

I have BLF configured using the ext and sub values and it is working perfectly, except that it does not trigger when activating DND. 


So my question was, is there something additional that needs to be configured on the device end or the Cisco Web UI to have it working with the DND state? If it's being blocked by then I won't worry about it, however the article I linked to previously indicated there were settings that could be changed for the DND state, but I'm not sure if they're available with the 3PCC UI.