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How to properly register an Aastra 6757i on a UC540

I have a functioning UC540. All the Cisco phones work properly. I also have an Aastra 6757i that I would like to use. I have tried to manually add it but it does not work. How would I get this to work?


You might have already done this but you will need to set your UC540 up to accept SIP phone registrations. Here is a link to a document outlining that process.

Before you dive into this you might want to check with the SBSC to make sure these changes won't break any functionality in CCA.

If you have already configured your system for this try using the following commands to see why your phone won't register.

debug voice register events

debug voice register errors

debug tftp events

debug ip dhcp

debug ccsip all

show sip-ua status registrar

show voice register global


David Trad
Rising star

Hi Matt,

The short answer to this question is that there is NO proper way

The UC-500 series systems were not designed for SIP based integration, they were designed for SCCP, whilst there is a way to create SIP end-points on the UC's this was designed for things like Overhead Paging Systems or GSM dialers, but not for phones as such.

You can do it but it would be CLI integration and will not be supported by SBS, it may even void that support contract because it will put the system out of CCA scope.

If you were to integrate a OHP or a GSM Dialer, this would be a different story and you can in likely hood get SBS to assist with the CLI configuration of the system which would keep it within the support guide lines, and will also prevent it from breaking support with CCA.

So remember integrating the Aastra phone can work but you are taking the system out of scope in doing so.



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