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How to tone down the Christmas Tree effect


I have a SPA509G which does a decent job of lighting up my office with its 12 glowing green LED lights.  Is there a way to turn off some of these lights?  I have only two lines, but I wanted the other buttons to use for speed-dials and such.  These buttons don't really need the light to be on all the time, however I can't figure out how to turn them off.  I've had a good read through the admin guide and the 'Configuring LED Patterns' section in Chapter 9, however the LED configuration options don't appear to apply to speed-dials.  I'm fairly new at this and would appreciate some advice to help me turn off all the lights save those for my two active lines.


- Dirk

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paolo bevilacqua
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Wrong forum, post in "small business voice - SPA phones". You can move your post using the actions panel on the right.

Thanks for pointing that out. I've moved the post over to SPA IP Phones, as suggested.

- Dirk

Hi Dirk,

Login to your SPA509 as admin and under the phone tab is the ability to enable disable each line key.

By default all line keys are assigned to extension 1.  You can disable each line key as needed.


Thanks for the reply Randall.

I've already set all of the Line Key Extension settings to 'disabled', yet I still get them all glowing bright green.

This is because I also have the "Extended Function" set to a speed dial, for example "fnc=sd;ext=101@$PROXY;vid=1;nme=Isabel". 

I still want to use these keys for speed dials, but don't need all the lights.  They detract the user from the two active lines that I do have (and want to continue displaying in green) and the lights don't improve the use of a speed-dial in any way.

There is probably some way to do this, I'm just a relative beginner and don't know how.

- Dirk

Good post, can't wait to see if there are instructions on this. I have several customers who complain because the phones have too many lights! I haven't figured it out yet, however I do remember reading some literature on this. I'll see if I can dig it up.

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