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HTTP Provisioning Bug?

Paul Norman

I have a few 525G2 units running 7.5.3 and they are provisioned using .cfg files located on a http server, i have no real issues but a few months ago i came across a problem where none of the phones would process the .cfg files.

I located the reason for this after a lot of head scratching and it was down to the dial plan, i have my dial plan set to use <:01792> as i don't like entering my local area code everytime i make a local call.

It appears that entering <:01792> as part of your dial plan directly into the phones web GUI works just fine, but if you add it as part of the dial plan in a .cfg file it kills provisioning! For some reason the tags < and > are the problem.

It seems as a result of being able to use < and > i have to use HTML character encodings in their place, so instead of adding <:01792> to my dial plan in the provisioning file i actually have to add &lt;:01792&gt; instead of <:01792>

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Steven Howes

That's not a bug. Youre making XML - you have to use XML encoding for certain characters. If you use < and >, how is it supposed to know if you're opening/closing tags etc? Same applies for & and a few others.


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