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Ben Cruice

Hunt group: First Available


For a BACD, is there a way to change the Hunt Group Type to 'First Available' (Asterisk terminology)?

The call flow is as follows:

Call rings on receptions phone on a shared extension (301). If that is busy transfers to BACD (pilot 501).

Members of the BACD Hunt Group are 2 other extension (302 and 303). In this case displayed on a side car (attendent console).

This is so the receptionist can pick up other calls in the queue if she wants to.

However currently the Hunt Group type is set to Sequential, which means the call will cycle through the 302 and 303 before it plays the MOH.

Is there a way for the call to go to the next available extension 302, stay there and if not answered play the MOH, without hunting to the next extension 303?

Alexander Maroukian
Rising star

Hello Ben ,

You may try to set "hops 1" in the hunt group config and another type like longest idle or sequential. Then only one number will ring.



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Thanks for the response.

I'm unsure whether this will work though, I haven't tried it yet.

But can't 'hops' only be set in either 'Longest-idle' or 'peer' hunt type? Also isn't the minimum hops parameter 2?

Also what happens if a third call comes in? Would it go to extension 303?

I guess what I would like to do is if a 301 is busy it should go to the BACD queue.

Once in the queue if 302 is busy CFB, it should go to 303.

But if 302 does not answer CFNA it should just play the MOH and stay on that extension until it's answered.

Hello Ben,

You are absolutely right. Hops could not be set in sequential and 2 is the minimum. My mistake.

Maybe then you may try to set CFB on 301 to be 302 and if it is not answering then to BACD.

Second approach may try to set the BACD with 302 (and maybe another extension which will not be logged in the group) and final 303.