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Gary Underwood

Hunt List and Voice mail Profile

I have a BE6k running cucm  v9.0.1.10000-37 and Unity Connections v9.0.1.10000-212.  I have a CTI (CTI_A); Line 1: DN 6100; "Forward All" -- Voicemail is checked.  I have a system call handler (extension 6100)(CH1) where, when a caller presses 2 they are transferred to an alternate contact number 6155; release to switch.  6155 is a hunt pilot (HP1) which contains a hunt list (HL1) and a Line Group (LG1).  In LG1 there are two DN's, 1010 and 1011.  In HL1 no answer/busy/not available is set to "Try next member; then, try next group in hunt list".  The distribution algorithm is "Top Down" and RNA is 15s.  I have created a Voice mail profile (VMP_1) with a mask 1010.  I created a CTI (CTI_1) and added line 1 with DN 6255.  Under directory number settings, of 6255, the Voice Mail Profile is set to VMP_1. In HP1 I have set "Forward Hunt No Answer" to Forward unanswer call to: Destination 6255.  Same for "Forward Hunt Busy".

What I want this do:

(1) caller presses 2

(2) DN 1010 rings for 15s (approximately 3 rings)

**if no answer or busy

(3) DN 1011 rings for 15s (approximately 3 rings)

**if no answer or busy

(4) caller goes to 1010's voicemail

For may test I have 2 Cisco 7965 on my desk.  One has DN 1010 and the other DN 1011.

I am using POTS Lines on a 2911.

On one of the POTS Lines (POTS_1) I set the "Attendant DN" to 6100

What it is doing:

(1) From an external number I call into POTS_1

(2) I hear the Standard Greeting of CH1

(3) I press 2 and hear "Please wait while I transfer your call"

(4) DN 1010 rings for 15 seconds.  DN 1011 does not ring.

(5) DN 1011 rings for 15 seconds.  DN 1010 does not ring.

(6) I hear the standard greeting of CH1 again NOT 1010's voicemail

**from a 7965 I can dial 6255 and 1010's voiocemail immediately picks up.

Can anyone provide any pointers on what I am missing?  what to look for?




Thank you for your question. We are currently looking into it and will get back to you.


Sunil Bommaji

Timothy Frias
Cisco Employee

Hi Gary,

I reviewed your scenario and the initial call flow and setup looks ok. Quick question, for x6255 do you have "Forward All' to voicemail checked? UCM may not be transferring the call to an unregistered number under the hunt pilot.

I'm sure you've checked to make sure that the Calling Search Space/Partitions are set appropriately for 6100, 6155, 6255 and voice mail profile (VMP_1) so they can all reach other ok.

In the meantime, I am going to check with a collegue for anything else that might be causing any issues.


Calling Search Space Policy: with activating Device/Line CSS
Forward All: Voicemail is checked

I double-checked, all Calling Search Space/Partitions are correct

VMP_1 has correct voicemail pilot set



If I dial 6255 directly from an IP Phone I immediately go to the voicemail that is setup in the mask of VMP_1.

If I dial 6100 directly from an IP Phone I immediately go to the applicable greeting (Standard/Closed) for CH1

Hey Tim and Sunil,

Any further developments on this?  I still have no solution or further info on what could wrong in the config.  The last word was Tim was "checking with a collegue" and I have answered all quastions asked.




Adam must have reached out to you on this by now. Please let us know if this issue has been resolved or not.


Sunil Bommaji

I have not heard from anyone.  It was my understanding that Tim Frias was looking into this.  See his post on 9/25/2012.

Hi Gary,

Since this question is regarding application functionality which is beyond the scope of the market trial, I've asked Adam to reach out to you. It was my understanding that he already had. My apologies for any miscommunication. Please keep an eye out for an email from me.


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