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I Can not find the Mexican Spanish UC500 Locale Pack

I Can not find the Mexican Spanish UC500 Locale Pack

Hi everybody, I have the UC540 with a packet software version 8.2.0,  CME version 8.1 and voice mail version 8.0.6, this UC500 is in Mexico  City and have the European Spanish Locale Pack instaled, but it's heard  horrible, the European Spanish is total different from the Mexican  Spanish, I would like to know were can I find this locale pack. I hope  some one can help me or guide me what to do

Darren DeCroock

I do not believe that there is a Mexican Spanish locale pack for CUE 8.0.6 at this time.  Will see if I can find out for you.  (If anyone elses knows for sure, feel free to comment.)

Thank you,


Hola Selenia;

El Local pack no existe aun, porque hay un defecto sobre el mismo. El equipo está trabajando en solucionarlo. Tan pronto como esté disponible lo colgaremos en la web.

Sugiero que te pongas en contacto con Rogelio Valtierra por email. Su correo es rvaltier at cisco dot com.



Hola Alberto :

Gracias por la repuesta, de casualidad sabes si hay un Locale pack en Español de Latinoamerica ???.

Me pondŕe en contacto con Rogelio Valtierra para saber sobre la version de Español de México.

Saludos Cordiales


Well, I cannot read the last two posts, but I did find out that the Mexican Spanish locale pack is not available at this time, but is being worked on.  The CCA team is currently testing then locale pack, and if everything passes QA, it will hopefully be released in a few days.

Thank you,


Hi. Darren.

Alberto was telling me the same as you, that Locale Pack was in testing, I hope it coming soon too.

Tank you


Am assuming locale pack for Mexico is not out yet since it's not available for download. In the meantime what is the best locale pack to use for Mexico? The one for Colombia or the one for Spain?


Hi vpersaud00,

Mexican local pack is available for SWP 8.2, please take a look to this link:

Best regards,

Rogelio Valtierra

Rogelio... thank you very much for that link. I am running CME on a 2921 and can't find the Mexico locale files at the regular download page. Strange it should be available under sbcs but not under Voice and Unified Communications. I was able to download it from your link and get it working. Thank you again.

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