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I'm lazy :-) DID or other for a GW on BRI port???

Arturo Bianchi

I'm not going to go about setting up every time I need, I want to make sure that the ISDN GSM gateway connected to BRI0/1/1 port on a UC540W can directly dial any numbers... Well, it works but do not understand why the CCA does not allow me to enter a range to cover any number... any 10 numbers creates a voice translation-rule and and still be in error if I try to change the third digit... For example if I ask you to convert 5555xx in 5xx writes in the configuration:

voice translation-rule 12
rule 1 /555501/  /501/
rule 2 /555502/  /502/
rule 3 /555503/  /503/
rule 4 /555504/  /504/
rule 5 /555505/  /505/
rule 6 /555506/  /506/
rule 7 /555507/  /507/
rule 8 /555508/  /508/
rule 9 /555509/  /509/
voice translation-rule 14

...etc. etc.

What's wrong?

Is there an easy way to wire a conversion from 555xxx to xxx? I have to try from the CLI or I can do something from CCA? Basically I want to leave the GSM gateway can reach any extension and set his CLIP routing table to route incoming call on various extension or group. I can not use the regular expression on translation-rule or I can not declare the BRI port to accept any number without translation-rule? Thanks for help or ideas!





Hello Arturo,

is this what you are looking for?

R3#conf ter
Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.
R3(config)#voice translation-rule 1234

R3(cfg-translation-rule)#rule 1 /^5555\(..\)/ /5\1/
*Jan 14 19:37:10.644: %SYS-5-CONFIG_I: Configured from console by console

R3#show run | in rule
voice translation-rule 1234
rule 1 /^5555\(..\)/ /5\1/


R3#test voice translation-rule 1234 555501
Matched with rule 1
Original number: 555501  Translated number: 501
Original number type: none      Translated number type: none
Original number plan: none      Translated number plan: none



Thank you

Victor Cappuccio

Thanks for the reply Victor,
I read You with pleasure!

Assume that from the CLI you can do all this and more. The real problem is as an intervention from the CLI without creating problems in CCA or at least how you can do this directly from CCA :-( I would, definitely, do something compatible with CCA or CCA to pass all the numbers (in fact I might even remove the prefix 555 that I initially entered the gateway to be sure not to create problems). Okay, I can add something like:

voice translation-rule 1234
rule 1 /^5551\(..\)/ /1\1/
rule 2 /^5552\(..\)/ /2\1/
rule 3 /^5553\(..\)/ /3\1/
rule 4 /^5554\(..\)/ /4\1/
rule 5 /^5555\(..\)/ /5\1/
rule 6 /^5556\(...\)/ /6\1/
rule 7 /^5557\(..\)/ /7\1/

and I pass almost all of the numbers I need or I can add something like:

voice translation-rule 1234
rule 1 /^555\(.*\)/ /\1/

and I pass all the numbers I need now and tomorrow but I do not understand how I can integrate my rules from the CLI, here is my laziness :-) okay, I'll find the document for OOB configuration maybe upgraded and see if I can find the info to not mess with CCA. I was hoping for a response from someone from the CCA team, maybe I did everything with a click :-)

Thanks again Victor, and if you like find me some ideas for this post. Mille grazie!!!


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