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I needed to restore my UC500 from ROMMON. How do I move my System image file from: tftp:// to flash:uc500.

My UC520 will not start up on its own. Everytime I try to upgrade the UC520 from CCA it completes and when it prompts me to reboot I have to manually load the IOS using ROMMON. However, I noticed when I performed a sh run that my system image file is not located in my flash. How do I transfer the IOS from tftp:// to the flash?



Steven Smith
Rising star

That should help.

But, did you change your config register?  If so, use this command to change it back.

hostname(config)#config-register 0x2102


I was able to successfully restore from ROMMON however, every time the UC500 reboots it still is not successfully launching. When I look at my config though it should that my system image file is located at tftp:// It should however be located at

"flash:uc500-advipservicesk9-mz.124-20.T2. I believe that is why I am having errors. My question is how do I load the
IOS in my flash?

I think the problem you have is with your boot system command.

If you do a show run | inc boot

You probably see something like...

boot system tftp://

To fix this...

config t

boot system flash:/uc500....T2

Let me know how that works for you.

Actually, before you add the command, negate the one that is currently there.

config t

no boot system tftp:// etc.

Actually when I do a show run | inc boot I already see the boot system flash:/uc500....T2. So that did not work.

I am still seeing that my System image file is "tftp://.... I think that is why I am having the issue when I reboot because the UC520 is looking for that file on the TFTP.

A normal functioning UC520 looks like:

System image file is "flash:uc500-advipservicesk9-mz.124-20.T2"

So my question is: How do I change that within the UC520?


Can you post a show ver?  It will show me your config register.  Also, please provide a show tech.

Attached is my show ver.

Skyler: When I do a sh flash, it is empty. There is nothing in my flash except a data.vlan file.

You need to copy the file to flash.

copy tftp flash:

Run a tftp server on your machine.  Follow the prompts and copy the file over.  That should fix the problem. 

If you followed the document I sent, it should copy the file to the flash as well.  If you still have the problem, your flash might be corrupted.


I did copy the T2 file over to the flash using a TFTP server and when I rebooted the UC520 it loaded up. I appreciate everyones help.


Skyler Spence

Did you check that the system image file is actually on flash?  Issue a show flash command and check to see if it's there.  If the file isn't located where the boot system command says it is, it will look elsewhere i.e. tftp.

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