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ihave a spa504 that is locked

 I have a spa504 that is locked with a password how can i reset it when I try to reset it asks for a password  I have tried cisco and admin ans 123456789 witch was no good  is there a way to do a hard reset   or is there a reset butten

to press

thanks david

Dan Lukes

The phone can be configured not to be reset without admin password supplied. In such case, the phone can't be reset without admin password - it is intentional countermeasure against unauthorized configuration change.

As you don't know the password, you are not authorized person. Ask the authorized person to make configuration change for you.

You may use remote provisioning to change admin password or configuration unless locked as well.


I have this issue with a 502 and i have figured out a solution for anyone who cares to try this.

Firstly do not connect to the internet if it is provisioned offsite

Secondly either have another computer or a VM

After you have this in place download windows server 2012 R2 or whatever is newest at the point of reading this.

Setup a server as you would out of the box and install iis and create a new site lets pretend the server is a web server (your provider in the provision) for example http//


Then create a config file based on the longer url and create the directory depth using lower and upper-case to match.


When you boot your phone it will resolve the url to a local server and grab your spacnfg.xml obviously named as the one in the url


Make sure you have some lines in that like this

<Enable_Web_Server group="System/System_Configuration">Yes</Enable_Web_Server>
<Web_Server_Port group="System/System_Configuration">80</Web_Server_Port>
<Enable_Web_Admin_Access group="System/System_Configuration">Yes</Enable_Web_Admin_Access>
<Admin_Password group="System/System_Configuration"/>
<User_Password group="System/System_Configuration"/>


and when it grabs the config it will unlock you could also set an alternative password etc.


This is  a longer work round from calling the original provider but some are funny about unlocking.

If this helps anyone please let me know