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Inbound Company Lines (Shared on 2 phones)

I have 2 spa525G2 phones configured on Elastix. Everything is setup and working correctly including trunks, inbound routes and outbound routes. I have 4 companies that have their own extensions with unique DID's. I have it setup so each phone has a line key that corresponds with each company. This works great for one phone. If I have both phones plugged in, only one will receive the calls.

I would prefer to have only one extension per company DID, but I'm afraid I might need to configure 2 extensions per company, then setup a unique extension for each company DID in each phone like this...

Company ABC -> Phone#1 (extension 250)

Company ABC -> Phone#2 (extension 251)

I would prefer...

Company ABC -> Phone#1 (extension 250) -> Phone#2 (extension 250)

The spa525G2 phones have a setting called "Share Line", but I cannot find any information on exactly what scenarios it's used in and I haven't been able to get it to work yet. Is this the solution?

Is my preferred method possible and if so, can you help direct me to the correct configuration?

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Inbound Company Lines (Shared on 2 phones)

The best way to ring phone 1 first and then phone 2 is if you have a pbx like spa9000 or uc320.   This will allow you to build a hunt group and you can ring ext 250 with phone 1 always ringing first.

The shared line feature will allow you to ring ext 250 on both phones but both phones would ring at the same time.  Full details on this configuration is in the admin guide which you can download from