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Inbound DIDs limit?


Since there's a limit of 15 on the number of entries in voice-translation rule how can I configure more than 15 DIDs?

I already tried adding a voice-translation rule 2 with a second translation-profile and another dial-peer voice to match but those DIDs are not working.

Thanks for any help.


Steven Smith
Rising star

Are you doing this in CCA or CLI?

To make more than 15 DID's work, you can add dial-peers that have explict matches for that DID.  For example...

dial-peer voice 3562 voip

incoming called-number 2145551212

voice translation-profile incoming trans2145551212

In this case, you would have multiple dial peers and translation profiles for each.

Steven... thank you. Is there any reason why the configuration below will not work? This is in addition to a similar configuration for voice-translation rule 1.

voice translation-rule 2
rule 1 /xxxxxx6459/ /252/
rule 2 /xxxxxx6469/ /312/

voice translation-profile Incoming_DID_2
translate called 2

dial-peer voice 1026 voip
translation-profile incoming Incoming_DID_2
voice-class codec 1
incoming called-number .
dtmf-relay rtp-nte

If you have 2 dial peers with the same match, it will pick one of them.  It could pick either one.  When it does that, it might or might not hit your translation rules.  I don't know if your preferences are set equally either, but it would be a bad idea to have two different dial peers matching the same strings with different translation rules setup.

Thank you. I have a temporary work-around by adding the other numbers to the voice translation-rule 1 which had less than 15 rules. However, I will have to revisit the issue as soon as they need another DID.

vperaud001 - What type of interface is your telephone line entering the UC500 from?  Is it a PRI?  or Other?  How many digits does your ISP pass along when the call comes in?

Hi John,

It's a SIP trunk. The voice translation rule I configured has 10 digits and are working fine. So I guess the carrier is passing 2 for the area code plus 8 for the number.

Thanks. Vincent

What does this entry  "incoming called-number ." ending with the period do?

Here's the config:

dial-peer voice 1025 voip
translation-profile incoming Incoming_DID
voice-class codec 1
incoming called-number .
dtmf-relay rtp-nte
voice translation-rule 1
rule 1 /aabcdefj51/ /110/
rule 2 /aabcdefj52/ /452/
rule 3 /aabcdefj53/ /112/
rule 4 /aabcdefj55/ /211/
rule 5 /aabcdefj56/ /212/
rule 6 /aabcdefj57/ /221/
rule 7 /aabcdefj58/ /251/
rule 8 /aabcdefj59/ /252/
rule 9 /aabcdefj69/ /312/
rule 10 /aabcdefj61/ /310/
rule 11 /aabcdefj65/ /316/
rule 12 /aabcdefj66/ /311/
rule 13 /aabcdefj67/ /105/
rule 14 /aabcdefj69/ /206/
rule 15 /aabcdefj70/ /207/

voice translation-profile Incoming_DID
translate called

The problem is I can't get another DID to work. Is the period a wildcard match for all incoming numbers?


vpersaud001 -

A lot of the time you will have to massage the dial-peers.  Many times one will take over and not allow another to run.   That "DOT" means.. allow all numbers to match.  Sometimes you have to delete it, and readd it.  It will place it on the bottom of the CLI and the other dial-peer will work.  Once you do this, even another may effect the correct dial-peer.

This one issue has been a big problem for me in the past and any custom figurations I do... I have to massage the dial-peers...

Thank you. I will try that.

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