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Incoming Fax routing from spa400 pstn to fxs port on spa9000, Can this be done?

I have an spa9000 with 1 x itsp setup and working, 1 x spa400 setup for voicemail and incoming pstn calls, I can also send out faxes over pstn using fxs2 on the spa9000.

What I cant figure out is how to route incoming faxes on the pstn line to fxs2 on the spa9000, I also receive voice calls over the pstn so dont want to route all calls to this port from pstn.

Can anyone advise if thi scan be done?

Patrick Born
Cisco Employee

Hi Clearview92,

We do not have a way to detect and route inbound fax calls from the SPA400 to the SPA9000's FXS ports.




I´m astonished with the response from PABON! Our company does have s SPA9000 + SP400, we plan to connect our fax to the FXS1 port of the SPA9000 to send AND RECEIVE faxes from PSTN line connected to SPA400. Sorry PABON but looks pretty stupid a telephone system unable to do this; only send faxes but not receive???? It this a bad joke??? It is no possible to route calls from a SPA400 PSTN line to an SPA9000 FXS1 or FXS2 port configured as extension?

Dear Sir;

I appreciate your concerns. What Patrick is saying is that there is no support for FAX tone detection. That means that the mapping from PSTN line to the FXS port is static and permanent. All calls must be directed to the same FXS port (where fax is connected). In practical terms you need to dedicate one of the PSTN lines for fax.


Dear Alberto,

Tks very much for the acclaration. This is very reassuring to me, because this scenario is no problem for us. We are going to connect the fax macchine to the FXS1 port on the SPA9000 and when receive a call to a dedicated PSTN phone line this call will be routed to the fax extension; fax will receive it and automaticaly start fax tone. Also if we receive a voice call to our PBX (another 3 PSTN line connected to it) if the caller ask for a fax tone we just transfer the call to the fax extension and the fax will automatically start; of course fax macchine is set up to always start automatically after 2 rings.

I don't know exactly how to route automaticlly a PSTN line to a extension configured to a SPA9000 FXS port. Lets say that we have the phone line 583 3017 connected to the SPA400 Port ID 4 (name is FXO_Port_ID_4) and SPA9000 FXS1 port configured as extension 111 wich does have the fax macchine in automatic mode. How we have to configure the SPA9000 and SPA400 to accomplish the above?

Dear Sir;

Please have a look at the following:

It tells you how to route an incoming FXO line to an FXS (or any other extension) on the system.