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John Gawf

IP Communicator and Extension Mobility assuming office phone identity

I'm looking for a way for the IP Communicator to be used when traveling and assume the identy of the persons office phone including extensin, VM, etc.  Is Extension Mobility the way to do that?  The Office Phone will be a SPA504 or 525G2.


This is a high runner use case in my opinion.  Great question.

Extension mobility I dont think is the answer.  Thats more for 'hot desk', where a single phone is shared by multiple users (who must login to the phone to get their identity and button maps, voice mail, etx).

Here you want to have two phones (one desk and one CIPC) share the same ephone-dn.

As you probably can see in your configuration (sh run) there are ephones created for the Hard and Soft Phone.

When you assign normal line buttons to these phones, then two different ephone-dns are created.

All you really want to accomplish is for the two ephones to point to the SAME ephone-dn representing the normal line assigned to the desk phone.   When you add the CIPC, you will notice CCA DOESNT allow the normal line to be repeated on two phones :-(

While you can CLI hack the ephone for the CIPC to mimic button 1:xxx, of the hard desk phone to get the exact behavior you want, CCA will complain badly the next time you go into users and extensions GUI and you will not be able to update either phone again using CCA.  Who knows what OM will do, [robably not good tjough?  Also if you do other things like config archives, all bets are off there too if you ever restore the config that is hacked, so CLI alsways a bad idea.

But there is some hope.  Based on what laura said over the weekend about shared lines and the behavior in CCA allowing a shared line appearing on button 1 of an IP Hone to have a personal voice mail box, you can make the desk phojne button 1 a shared line.   Then add that shared line to the CIPC and your done, and CCA remains happy.

If the hard phone already exists with the normal button type you can change it to shared.  You will see a pop up asking you if you want to delete its personal mailbox.  DONT DO THAT.  Leave the VM box.  You will also need to remove that extension from any hunt or blast groups to make the change to share, then put it back.

My good friend Tomoo Esaka posted this a couple years ago, when CCA 2.0 came into being

It outlined this idea, although as I mentioned, there are some new capabilities in CA 3.x that make it even better, but that was the guideline from which I built ontop of.

Try it out and see if it works for you.


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