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IP Communicator not working on different LANs

Hello All,

Really strange problem, and was wondering if anyone has cme across a similar situation...


We have a Cisco UC560 in the UK. There are remote workers who have laptops. On there laptops they have a IP Softphone running (the latest version)

The softphones have been configured appropriately.


When the remote worker is in the office, and their laptop is connected to the same physical LAN and is assigned an IP address in the same range as the UC system, the softphone registers just fine, and can be used as normal.


When the remote worker goes to a different office, which has a different LAN they get a different IP address. This is where the problem arises, the softphone no longer registers. The softphone just has a turning wheel, with the message "Registering" and doesn't actually register. The laptop has IP connectivity to the UC and we have tested it. We've tested connectivity from the UC back to the laptops. We've checked all the routing, and its all in place. There is no firewalls along the path, to block anything. We've checked the routers along the way, and there are no access-lists to stop this connection.


Does anyone have any experience of such a problem or any thing that we could check that is stopping this connection?


Thanks in advance for your thoughts.



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IP Communicator not working on different LANs


You may need to check which is the TFTP source address configured on UC560, seems to be a routing issue to that address.

Best regards,

Rogelio V.


IP Communicator not working on different LANs

Excellent thought... thanks... but unfortunately i've checked that.

The source interface for the TFTP server is Vlan 90. Vlan 90 has an ip address of

We can ping and traceroute to that address from the remote site laptop just fine. Again we've checked the path along the way, and no firewalls or access-lists exist to block the communication.

I'm not sure if this helps...but when you start up the IP Communicator software while on the remote site, the messages we get on the screen are :

Updating Locale

Error Updating Locale

Registering... and then its stuck there...

Could it be something to do with the updating of locale?




IP Communicator not working on different LANs

How are these two LAN networks connected to each other? Is there just a single router between the two networks or are they connected through a VPN? If it's a VPN, what kind of VPN? If I can understand your topology, that may help determine what's happening.

Also, is the 560 being configured using CCA or CLI?