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can someone please give me a guildline on setting up a ephone-dn and here is the scenario.

inbound calls to ext 9999.

instead it rings on 9999,  it goes to his assistant at ext 8888 (mac-address 0000.1111.2222.3333)

if the assistant is not present to pick it up, it goes to 9999's voicemail.



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Steven Smith
Rising star
Rising star

Are you wanting this to ring both phones at the same time?  If not, I would do it like this.

Call doesn't go to 9999, it goes to a different extension like 8999, which is an overlay on the phone of the receptionist.

8999 is call forward busy/no answer to 9999's voice mail (using the transfer to voice mail steering digit that is now available in UC500), so something like 69999.

Does that answer your question?

thanks Steven,

does the overlay feature forwards the call straight to ext 9999 voicemail if the assistant doesn't pick up?

I basically can have forwarded, however, I wanted a separate button for the ext 9999 instead it jusing show call forward on the assistant's phone.


and no, I don't want it to ring on both phones, only the assistant's phone that should rings.

It isn't the overlay feature that does the forwarding.  It would just put multiple extensions on a single button.

The transfer to voicemail is a new feature in CCA 2.0.  You can use this to configure a steering digit that will allow you to transfer to calls to voicemail with a softkey.  You can also use this steering digit to setup call fowards to voicemail.

In this case, you could have a phone with 2 buttons.  Button 1 would be the users extension and button 2 would be the case we are talking about.

Something like...

ephone 5

mac 0000.1111.2222

type 7960

button 1:5 2:6

ephone-dn 6

number 8999

call-forward busy 69999

6 would be the transfer to VM steering digit.

thanks again Steven, I might confuse you so let me be clear.

I have two users with ext 9999 (boss) and 2222 (assistant)

calls come in to "boss" and I want them not to ring on the boss's phone but instead the assistant's phone.

if the assistant don't pickup, it needs to go to the boss's voicemail without ringing on the boss's phone.

the forward feature don't exactly work because it goes to the assistant' s voicemail instead.

thanks so much again,


The forward feature should work if you have the transfer to voicemail configured correctly on the system.  This should come into the assistant phone on a different button then normal calls, and then if she doesn't answer, go to the boss's voicemail without ringing his phone.

thanks again Steven for all of your help.

so I added a boss's phone button on the assistant's phone and set DND on the boss's phone.

this accomplishing not ringing on the boss phone and the call also goes to his mailbox when the assistant isn't there.

there is one more thing that I want done.

when the assistant is on a phone call using the boss's line, the boss won't be able to make outbound calls. is there a way to alleviate this?



Have you set this up in key system mode?  Are you working with FXO ports?

hmmm...that's over my head Steve, have no idea what you're saying.

The config I had given you didn't have the bosses phone on the admin's phone.  The admin shouldn't be answering on the line that the boss has.  Could you send me the config, taking out passwords and other data you don't want to show, and post it here.  Be sure to say which ephone and which ephone-dn's you are looking at.

this is the boss's

ephone-dn  55  dual-line
number 9999 no-reg primary
label 9999
description Boss
name Boss
call-forward busy 8000
call-forward noan 8000 timeout 15

ephone  18
device-security-mode none
mac-address 0000.1111.2222.
type 7960
button  1:55

this is the assistant's

ephone-dn  8  dual-line
number 8888
label 8888
description Assistant
name Assistant
call-forward busy 8000
call-forward noan 8000 timeout 15
translation-profile incoming CallBlocking
hold-alert 30 originator

ephone  22
conference admin
device-security-mode none
mac-address 3333.2222.1111
type 7960
button  1:8 2:55

again, what I want is the ability for the boss to make outbound calls even while his assistant is on her phone
taking inbound call from the boss's line.

thanks so much,

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