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iPhone SIP Client that works with UC500

There is now a 3rd party iPhone Sip client that works successfully with the UC500.  It does have the Apple imposed limitations on Use over 3G and not being able to run as a background process on the iphone, but other than that it works pretty well.

For a configuration that works with the UC500 go to

Eivind Jonassen

Anyone got this thing to work over VPN???



The initial client did not work with VPN cut the current version for the iPhone does work without issue.


Former student :)

Well, I got the version 3.0 of the SIP client, version 3.1 on the iphone... But I´m not able to connect via VPN. I can´t even get any SIP reg messages on the UC when I try to connect via VPN. Any ideas how to begin to troubleshoot.



David Trad
Rising star

WoooooHoooo Another program to play with on the iPhone :)



Cheers, David Trad. **When you rate a persons post, you are indicating a thank you or that it helped, but at the same time you are also helping to maintain the community spirit - You don't have to rate posts and you wont be looked down upon :) *

Hi guys,

From where I can download the client? And what about blackberries and other smart phones? Does the client works?



Im interested too, as we have not released anything for UC500 and I hope it doesnt hose up CCA.

Hello Steven,

I do not understand exactly the meaning of your message (I  do not speak English); however, I think more than anyone would be happy to see CCA  also supported in more than one mobile device,  probably starting from the BlackBerry and iPhone devices.

Perhaps the ideal would be to have Cisco Mobile, usable on CUCM and UC500/CCA, even if the features are reduced, or otherwise support the CCA on a simple SIP client (avoiding the need for CLI); I guess the CCA team in the roadmap to manage mobile devices, when?

Obviously, this is consistent with the fair trade policy and differences between CM, CME and UC500... Probably there are other priorities but I would say that a more comprehensive management of trunk and SIP client is missing ... Among other things it would be nice to have a whislist that on which everyone can add a vote ... not to condition a roadmap, but to understand which features are most desired!

My 2 cents :-)



Yes, Alberto (PM) is working on getting that working on UC500.  But it doesnt work today.

Does it register as a SIP endpoint?  If so all Im saying is CCA doesnt support that today.

Hi Arturo,

As Steve has mentioned, Cisco Mobile 8 client is not supported in CCA today, but we have plans to start supporting it in one of the upcoming CCA release later this year.

Thank you,


Hello Anna,
I see that in the roadmap there are two releases: one in July and the other end of the year... we will have support for the iPhone already July? There is already a beta? I saw that the CME 8.6 provides support for i*, now it's just a question of implementation within the CCA?

Configuring iPhone and iPodTouch Softphone SIP Client

To configure the iPhone and iPod touch softphone SIP client  for Cisco Unified CME 8.6, follow these steps:


Cisco Unified CME 8.6 or a later version.


Conferencing  feature through the Add Call action key is not supported.

Call hand off to  the mobile network is not supported.

Shared line is  not supported.

Thank You.




I found post with deploying Cisco Mobile 8.1 on CME 8.6:

Tried to make it run myself, but with no success. Guess I'm doing something wrong. Maybe someone can check my config?


You should not expect this to work yet, since UC500 SW Pack includes on CME 8.1.

Thank you for reply!

Sorry, I wasn't clear enough. I'm running CME 8.6 on 2811, so it is a bit off topic.

Did you test it? Can you check my config?


This forum is for specifically. UC5x0. For CME related questiosn, post in UC forum.

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