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Is the BE3000 Really ready for the real world ?


I have been seriously contemplating this question, because of the lack of features that the BE3000 offers.  It offers simplicity in terms of end user management - yes, but its taken away all the functionality of a traditional PABX system which *most* organisations still require, and after all it is just an IP PABX system no ? 

My main gripes with the BE3000 are  :

  • Lack of night service functionality
  • Lack of being able to re-label keys shared across multiple phones
  • Lack of creating custom dial-plans - Whats the point of adding multiple sites ?
  • Lack of pickup functionality with extenstions which are in Hunt-Groups
  • Not able send hunt groups/blast groups to any other number then a system DN ( cannot send to off network number )
  • Lacking DHCP built into the system, Cisco like to tell us to use the customers existing DHCP.  Consider a customer who uses a ericsson BP250 transitioning to an IP telephone system, and doesnt care about nework integration.
  • 6 Hours for a system Upgrade? are you serious?
  • No ability to create silent ringing keys

I'd like to think that these functions mentioned above would be part of any traditional IP PABX, I dont understand why Cisco has not even considered them?

So far this is my ONE day experience with the BE3000,  I work on other systems like Mitel 3300 and Cisco's CME/UCCM and I believe that the BE3000 is still in some Beta testing phase, and not ready for prime time.


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1. The hunt timer fix is coming shortly as a PMP. May be May times frame (not committed)!

2. This is not in the immediate list. Is there are particular reason why you need this?

3. How do they reach the voicemail? I dont understand? If they dial the pilot number they should get a general greeting.

1. This is a good news.

2. the reason is very obvious. By default, the "transfer" soft key is on 2nd page on 7962 handset while call is connected. That way receptionists have to press "more" --> then find the "transfer" softy on 2nd page to transfer every single call. How inconvenient is that?

3. when external callers dial the pilot number, they will get a general greeting that's true. But caller can also press " * " key to login with any users voicemail account.

On the toll fraud question, I know that as an enduser of VM, you can setup transfer rules. But has a user actually tried to make a call, land into VM and then actually transfer to whatever number is set?

There is mechamism built into the system to prevent toll-fraud. There are restrictions configured in the system to dial out to long distance or internation numbers.

For password and PIN management, it seems like we need to make some changes to force user to change PIN first time they login to the system.

You can find more information here:


Hi Sanjay,

"has a user actually tried to make a call, land into VM and then actually transfer to whatever number is set?"

--------yes, i did try that when i was onsite but I wasn't very sure if the call transferred to the international number as there was something wrong with customer's ISDN link but I will need you to confirm that the" toll fraud mechanism built into Cisco system" actually works and toll fraud never happens via VM system.

Also, can you confirm that soft key layout on Cisco IP handsets can't be changed on BE3000 Administration GUI ?

Please let us know if you are able to make the call.

Configurable softkey layout is not supported on BE3K yet.


I will file a bug, where the users are compelled to change thier voiemail pin at enrollment. Will that work?

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