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Issues adding phones since CCA3.0 / SP 8.1 on UC520

Hi there,

I have an UC520 for testing before upgrading our customers systems. (System is running SP 8.1 with German langpack:,

I'm having some problems with adding users/phones/extensions using CCA 3.0 everything else is working fine so far.

Phoneloads upgraded successfully (8-5-4 for 79xx and 7-4-6 for SPAxxx).

To the problem: When I try to add a new phone with a new extension and new user I go to Configure > Telephony > Users and Extensions > Users and Phones. Then adding a new phone through the "ADD" button. Everything works fine until I try to configure the Line Button. CCA tells me at the bottom error-information-bar "Invalid Button Configuration" - but it looks correct to me! When I apply these settings CCA crashes - without any changes on the UC520.

Any suggestions?

Additional Information:

- Configuring phones for Extension Mobility works.

- Using CLI / Webinterfaces for configuration works fine. But phones configured this way are not managable through CCA 3.0.

Thanks for your help.


Tell me if you need any further information.


What are you setting the line to? If you push F2 F3 F4 it will open a console window. Can you replicate the issue while that console window is up and after the issue happens hit the show log and either post or email me the output and I will take a look.


Log is attached. Try to set the Line to "Normal" with any unused extension.

A lot of Java Errors after having this: 16:55:05,515 [ERROR] java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: -1

Couple of Questions for you

1. What OS are you running?

2. What version of CCA? If it is 3.0 how did you do you upgrade?

3. I keep seeing 16:54:35,722 [INFO ] Failed to detect a UC500 in the community or this PC is not connected to the UC500 data VLAN!

    How are you connected to the UC, is it through a VPN or are you local?

4. What is the IP address of Vlan1 and your PC?

You may want to try to uninstall CCA and Java totally from you PC and reinstall CCA and let it push version of Java that it wants.


the UC is for testing so its basically a separated network. it is connected with one DHCP interface to our company network.

This log was produced while connecting to the interface IP of the VLAN connected to the company network. But I had the same issue when I connected a Laptop directly to the UC on VLAN1 (default IP - i think it is

Operating System was WinXP 32Bit in both cases. CCA version 3.0.

I upgraded the system using CCA > Maintenance > Software Upgrade --> selected Softwarepack and locale pack... had to upgrade the phoneloads separately. Also with CCA 3.0.

Will try the Java+CCA reinstall tomorrow morning.

uninstalled CCA and deleted all cached configuration, uninstalled Java

installed CCA3.0 again.

same problem!

I would recommend contacting TAC and open a case for this issue.




Did you ever get this sorted - I'm experiencing the same problem with a production unit!

Very frustratating!