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Line key BLF causes SPA525G boot loop after upgrade to 7-4-7

After upgrading my 525G to 7-4-7 I cannot add BLFs to any available line keys.  If I try the Phone begins rebooting and will not stop until a factory reset.  This happens no matter what protocol I'm using (UDP or TCP).  I have verified that BLFs work ok with the 500S side car.

I'm using Broadsoft r16sp1


I noticed that you mentioned having a sidecar working previously. I have ran into this same issue when changing from sidecar to line keys for BLF. If both are configured, the phone will go into a boot loop until it is factory reset. Even if you remove the sidecar BLF configuration, it still keeps rebooting until it is factory reset. The solution is to just factory reset the device and only configure the line keys (or sidecar) for BLF.

I've discovered the problem that caused this issue on both the 50x and 525.

This issue is due to a behavior change between firmware versions 7-4-6 and 7-4-7 involving the way the Cisco phone behaves when configured with a BLF_List_URI parameter under the Attendant Console Tab.

Prior to version 7-4-7 the phone would allow a line-key BLF to function correctly when the BLF_List_URI parameter was configured on the Attendant Console tab as long as the Attendant Console was also not enabled.  However, when you enabled the sidecar you could no longer use a BLF on a linekey.

Post 7-4-7 the phone no longer allows a line-key BLF to work when the BLF_List_URI parameter is populated EVEN if the Attendant Console is not enabled.  If you want a line key BLF to work then you have to remove the URI from the BLF_List_URI field.

This presents a provisioning problem for me.  Prior to the firmware upgrade I was using a Broadworks system variable %BWBLF-URI-1% to populate the BLF_List_URI parameter.  Broadsoft automatically populates with this variable with the BLF URI when the BLF service is confiured for the user.  At that point I would control whether or not I wanted to enable the Attendant Console by using a custom tag to set the UNITY_1_ENABLE parameter to yes or no.

This allowed me to configure the BLF service, then choose whether or not to use a line-key blf or enable the auto attendant.  Either way I chose to proceed, I only needed to perform one additional step.  If I wanted to enable the Auto Attendant I set the Unity_1_Enable parameter to yes.  If I wanted to enable a line-key BLF I built the extended function on that line key.

Now I have to drop the use of the %BWBLF-URI-1% system tag because once that tag populates the URI to the configuration file I have no choice but to use the Attendant Console, and as mentioned above that tag is populated automatically once you configure the BLF service for a Broadsoft user.

The net result is that I will need to add an additional manual step to configure the Attendant Console.  I'll need to add a custom tag to manually add the BLF_List_URI only when I want to use the console and not when I want to use a line-key blf.


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