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Live Record issue- can I find the recording?

I need to record calls with a vendor that last over an hour. I set my mailbox capacity to handle that.

I tested my live record this morning by answering a call from my cell and using my Live record softkey... I let it run 55 minutes. I disconnected and got my MWI and vm.  When I needed to use this in a real scenario, I called a gotometeing numbr given to me by the vendor, once we were all in the call, I used my live record softkey and we had the audible beep during our 43 minute call.  After I dicsonnected, I realized that they may have continued on...

I left for lunch and when I get back- still no MWI or vm...  

Is there any way for me to retrieve that message?

If they stayed on past my vm box capacity for some reason, would it simply not send me the vm msg at all? (my mailbox size is set to 8000 seconds though)

Am I just dead in the water now?   I can see on my phone Directories display that at 11:00am I called the meeting, added Live Record mailbox and then I see a C001 called from me for a duration of 43 minutes- that's my recorded call ?!  




Live record doesn't work on conference calls. I wonder if this is what happened.


" doesn't work on conference calls" - meaning...

It does not work when calling a third party conference bridge?

It does not work when you have more than another person on the call, even if you did not add them?

It does not work when you initiate a conference call and then try Live Record?

Trying to sort out if it's number of legs, who initiated the call, or conference bridges that are the issue....


Hi Stacey,

It doesnt work:

-Meet Me

-Ad-hoc conference

Calling a third party bridge will work, the phone sees that as a regular call.



Hi Steve,

Back in the old days on the UC-520 before the 540/560 were introduced Live Record worked on an Add-Hoc conference call, has this capability been removed now?

I know it doesnt work on a Meet-me setup, but would it work if you logged into something like Go-to-Meeting (Non Cisco System) is there a way for it to detect that you are in a conference room and recording is disabled??



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