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Looking for Training on the SPA9000

I am a partner that is looking for training on installation and supporting the spa9000.  Any guidance will be of help.  Were located in Charlotte, North Carolina if that helps with the recommendations for training.

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Cisco Employee

Re: Looking for Training on the SPA9000

Hi Brian,

We have a lot of online training from Linksys, but I cannot locate it. I believe that it may be in the process of being updated.

Some suggestions: Contact your systems engineer (SE)

Contact your favorite service provider (SP)

Do you have equipment? You will need:

- SPA9000 [IP PBX]

- SPA9xx / SPA525 phone/s [3 is a good number so you can play with transferring, conferencing, etc.]

- Internet connection [for a SIP trunk. Purchase a SIP trunk and a local phone number for ~$6 (six) per month from an Internet ITSP]

- SPA400 if you want to use PSTN POTS lines and have voicemail

- PoE switch [Linksys SLM224P or equivalent] [You want spanning tree support with port fast capabilities and QoS]

- Router [Linksys WRV200 or equivalent] [You want QoS, SIP ALG, and DHCP]

If you have equipment, give yourself hands-on training by doing the following:

  1. Download the Wizard:

2. Read the Wizard's user guide that downloads with the Wizard.

3. Follow the instructions in the Wizard's guide to install and configure your system.

    Once you've been through the installation a few times, you will be able to install a fully working system in about 30-45 minutes [The Wizard is GREAT]

4. Each time you find something that you don't understand, use the PDF search function in the Wizard's guide to locate the term.

The Wizard and the guide take you step-by-step through the entire unpacking, connecting, and configuring process. Within several hours, you'll be proficient at installing the system.

Once you're comfortable installing, try some advanced topics like configuring hunt groups and the auto attendant.

Good luck, and let me know how  you progress.





Re: Looking for Training on the SPA9000


When you ask have we contacted our Systems Engineer is this a person assigned to us?  We are new to the Cisco Partner program and not that familiar with all of the options for help for partners.  Is there a partner discount on the equipment for purchase to use in our office for training?  From you previous posting I understand that this product does not have any in-class training. Is this correct?  How long do you think it would be before we would be proficient enough to offer this to our clients in the small business market?


Cisco Employee

Re: Looking for Training on the SPA9000


Typically, a SBMM [small business market manager] will work with a partner and will bring in SE resources for technical input, training, etc.

Do you know who your SBMM is? If not, please contact me at paborn at Cisco and I'll locate your SBMM who will in turn, get you with SE resources.

Answering your training questions:

Currently we are not offering instructor-led training on the SPA9000 solution.

There may be an applicable discount for demo/training equipment, your SBMM will let you know.

WRT how long before you'd be proficient, that's difficult to answer.

The SPA9000 Voice System is very easy and fast to install, but you must have completed the pre-installation workbook to make sure that you have taken into account, all the potential gotchas that can occur during an installation. [IP addresses, SIP account, PSTN connectivity, etc.]

I believe that if you set up equipment on your own, going slowly and follwing the Installation guide, you would have a system configured in about 3 hours.

Once installed, play with the system and then factory reset and install again, this time add more phones, set up SLAs, hunt groups and the AA. Factory reset, repeat.

I believe that after repeating the same install 5 times, you'd be vrey comfortable installing a solution and would be able to install a system for a customer in under an hour.

In my opinion, if you dedicated yourself to learning the SPA9000 Voice System, you'd need about 3 days to be pretty confident in what you're doing.




Cisco Employee

Re: Looking for Training on the SPA9000

Dear Brian;

We just released new online training for SPA9000, which I strongly recommend you take. It includes System Description as well as Installation and Configuration.