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Lost Password for UC320 Administration



We have lost the password to access the UC320 at one of our sites.   The site is unmanned by our technical staff, however I can dispatch if need by to have someone to act as smarthands onsite.   Is there a procedure for password recovery on the UC320?   I have searched and have been unsuccessful in locating anything documented for this.   Thanks in advance!

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Christopher Edgeworth
Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor


If you have a saved site backup, or have the backup automatically going to the USB key on a weekly basis, you can factory default the system.  Log in and set new user/password, then restore the site backup.  Note there are different levels of backup and you may lose your custom AA or voicemail greetings.

The Cisco Small Business Support Center can also help recover the password but you will need to be on site with LAN access and have the WAN MAC address (found on the label on the bottom of the unit) handy.  They will need to contact level 3 support for help.


HI chris

I saw this post, and thought i would try to ask for your help, as im at a lost.

I installed a uc320w a couple of months back for a customer and the login doesnt work, or we have forgotten it as well as the customer!!.  I do have a backup but its corrupted, as ive tested it on another system, for some reason i cant do any apply configs it just freezes. I contacted the help desk and they said they cant do any recover password for me and that i had to do a factory reset, which i dont really want to do, you are my last hope, is there a way for me to recover the password?.



Hi David,

Please open a case with the SBSC and ask that the engineer contact Level 3 support for assistance with password recovery.  Please have the WAN MAC address handy (found on the label on the bottom of the unit) when you open the case as we will need that.  We will then need to have LAN side access to the UC320.



I have contacted two seperate SBCS initial support engineers and they have both told me that the only way to reset the password is the factory default it and they cannot contact level 3 support for me to do a password recovery.  What do I have to do to get any help from Cisco on this?

Hi Tom,

Do you have the case number with Small Business Support Center? I can reach the support engineer and instruct him to do password recovery for you.

Best regards,


Hello Thomas,

I just sent you a private message. Please provide me the MAC address per email.

Once provided I think we can solve the issue in one or two working days.



Hi Friedrich

Did you manage to solve this with cisco TAC



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