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Max phones issue on UC520

I have a client that has a UC520. they have been having issues off and on but they are now experiencing "max phones" issue when they have some of their people login to Extension Mobility. The config shows max-ephone 32. any suggestions?                  

paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame Master

Maybe they are trying to login in excess of platform support.

what does that mean?

Let's put this another way. How many total phones do they have ?

I believe they have about 34 phones now. I think we have the max ephone at 32. I have a 24 user license and an upgrade to 48, however, I only see the 24 when I do a sh ver.

Can you check "show platform software license".


sh platform software license

Upgrade license              : uc500-32u-upgrade

License status               : Not in Use

Upgrade license              : uc500-24u-to-48u-upgrade

License status               : Not in Use

Upgrade license              : uc500-48u-upgrade

License status               : Not in Use

Upgrade license              : uc500-48u-to-64u-upgrade

License status               : Not in Use

License UDI                  : UC520-24U-8FXO-K9:FHK1425F3J9

Maximum User Licenses        : 32

Used User Licenses           : 32

Available User Licenses      : 0

It seems like the upgrade license has not been installed, try that again.

can you give reference to installation instructions?

looking at this, is it showing 32 users or 24 users

You have a max 32 users system, that is, a 24 users plus the normal extra allowance.

To install the license file do license install ftp: ot other supported protocol.

maybe I should clarify so I don't look totally challenged. I see that it says max users 32 and 0 available. However, the UDI File shows 24U. Does the UC520 come with 10 user and with the 24 user file that would make 34?

You have a 24 "nominal" users system, as the product part name says.

Since there is an allowance of extra 8 users, you can have up to 32 before installing an additional license.

ok,  that makes sense. The user license goes by the ephones, correct?

Yes, user = active ephone.