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Message on busy not voicemail / AA current status


We have a SPA9000 an SPA400 and 5 different IPphones. When our receptionist (on a SPA525G) is speaking we need the ability to say we are busy please try again later but when we use the SPA400 for this the caller is alway left with the possibility to leave a message. This means we have to dial back all the time and we have not got the time to do this. How do we make a message instead of the busytone?

An other issue are closing days that is not on a fixed date ex. easter and pentecost. Is there a way to change which AA script is in use from one of the phones and a way to show the status of one of the AA script on a button on or the display of the 525G?

Best Regards, Kristian Vilby


Alberto Montilla
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Kristian;

The features you mention are not supported on the system.


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