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Todd Bruner

Mixing SIP and POTs from Newbie potential buyer


I am thinking of purchasing the UC320 for my wife's small law office.  In my day job, I'm a software engineer, but by night I'm their IT support.  I have attempted to build a freeswitch system from scratch, but have only been partially successful.  My efforts have brought me to the conclusion that the office needs something more solid and with commercial support.  I found the UC320 and it seems to meet our needs, but having been burned before, I thought I would post a couple of questions to this forum before purchasing.

First, about the office:  5 phones ( Cisco SPA508 ) currently tied to a partially working freeswitch server over gigabit Ethernet network.  There are two analog telephone lines coming into the office.  The Internet connection is DSL on one of the analog lines (20mb down/875kb  up, if memory serves).  The only real requirement: reliable phone service.  (if Internet or SIP is having problems, analog will work, and vice versa...).


1.  The DSL provider's modem acts as a router currently.  Would it be better to convert it to a bridge and get a static IP from the provider?

2.  Current network is an on an unmanaged gigabit switch, and I understand that the UC320 uses VLANs.  Would it be better/necessary to get a managed switch like the Cisco Small Business 200 Series SLM2008T-NA Smart 10/100/1000Mbps SG200-08 Gigabit Ethernet Switch

3.  A reviewer on Amazon stated the following:

" In theory the 320w can support both SIP and analog lines, with one big limitation. BOTH SIP AND ANALOG LINES MUST SUPPORT 10 DIGIT DIALING, EVEN FOR LOCAL CALLS. Analog and SIP lines must use the same dial plan! AT&T POTS lines do not support 10 digit dialing of local numbers, SIP providers require ten digits. Hence I can't add SIP lines unless I replace all our POTS lines."

Is this true?  My concern is that in our location, the analog lines use 7 digit dialing.  This could be a show stopper if true.

Thanks for taking to time to read this longish post and thanks in advance for any answers, pointers, or advice that you can provide.


Hi Todd

For Question 2. Yes, it would be better to use an SG200 or SG300 Small Business Switch.

For Question 3. If you are in a Country with an Dial Plan you can use it.

Maybe you take a look here:

If you have more than 4 Analog Phones you need also an SPA8800 to connect more Phones to the System.

if you want use some WiFi Phones then you can use some analog phones on the FXO Port. Some other WiFi Phones are not supported.

If you want use some remote phones to connect your home or a second location to the system you have to use something else.. not implemted yet.. myabe they will, maybe the system reach the EOL before

Best thing would be to read a little in the Forum about the UC320W and make your own mind.