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Monitor Button and FXS/FXO ports

chris parkinson

I have a UC560 on the latest software package (downloaded & installed on Wed last week.).

I want to use the monitor button on the SPA 508 to monitor analog FXS and FXO lines.

However, I don't see these as options in the CCA monitor button drop down box.

Is there a way to monitor these FXS and FXO lines?

I have seen another 2 threads with similar questions, but one points to a dead link, and another points to a bug thet has "no detailed information" in the bug tracker.

I'd appreciate any help.





The only way to monitor an FXO line in CCA is to setup the line as a CO-Line.  Doing this will affect your inbound dial plan, such that you wont be able to point that FXO line to an operator or AA.  You can't monitor FXS lines directly via CCA or CLI, but you can use CLI to monitor FXO lines with functionality similar to what you are used to in CCA.  If you use CLI, your system will not be supported by STAC if you dont have the proper specializations and it will also most likely "break" CCA and cause it to not work properly. 

paolo bevilacqua
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I don't know about the 508 phone or GUI, but its certainly possible to do thta in CME using CLI.

For the FXO interface, you use the "trunk xxx monitor-port xxx" under ephone-dn. Associate the button to the phone as : or s.

That will not prevent the FXO to receive call normally to the plar destination of your choice and if used in conjuction with appropariate DPs for xxx, will allow to directly seize the line.

For the FXS interface, make sure it is configured in SCCP mode. Then you can monitor it with 'b', 'w' buttons, or 'blf-speed-dial'.


     I'll give that a try today.

Any chance you can point me to the CLI guide, just want to lookup the "SCCP" mode for the FXS. is not making it easy for me to find it.



On the UC500 the FXS ports come by default in SCCP mode. I think they are ephone tags 1-4.

OK, so plot thickens.

I just reviewed a "show run" dump.

Int eh UC560 I have the 4 "built-in" FXS ports, and an FXS add-in card.

Ephone tags 1 to 4 are missing.. /???

But I do have ephone tags 5 to 8, which are labeled as analog.

So do I have to build the ephone tags 1 to 4 back in? and how do these tags tie-in to the analog ports, 0/0/1 for example?