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Multiple calls on multiple buttons of a 7925


I need some help determining if my customer has a fixable issue, a bug, or a 'by design' annoyance.

The platform is a UC560.

The user has a 7925. 

7925: 1-260, 2-250, 3-270

We've been working thru issues with wireless in general and have had a few different techs( Cisco and ours)making changes here and there.

The customer reports that when using the 7925 and a second call comes in, they have had the ability to press the Answer softkey regardless of whether it's on the active extension's dual line or another extension/button.  Example: 7925 places a call (from ext 260)...a new call comes in on ext 250 (button 2 of the 7925) and the Answer softkey is available.    Now they are reporting that this is "Gone". They only see the HOLD softkey on their connected call and they are forced to use the 7925's right arrow, arrow down to the ringing line (button2) and then hit answer.

I pulled up a very old training doc I created on a 7921 where you could answer multiple calls regardless of which extension/button you were connected on and which extension/line the second caller was coming in on. The Answer softkey would be available. In fact I have screen shots showing that if you were on the phone's extension (260 button 1) and a call came in on another extension (button 2-ext 250)- the incoming call would take over the display and you'd have the Answer softkey available.  This was on the first UC520's...

So, do I have a bug? The customer says this used to work, then it stopped, then was corrected, now has stopped again.

I might normally think the user is confused, but I found my own docs describing the behavior she's wanting.

If it's fixable, how do I do it? We don't have any documentation of our techs or Cisco techs correcting this previously...



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