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Multiple extensions on one phone?

So I got the UC540 today and have it all set up, was very easy thought it would be worse.  All is working fine, SIP trunks etc, have a few minor things to play with but all is well so far.  I just can't figure out how to properly put 2 extensions on one phone or how you do that?

I have 2 companies that I work for under my phone system.  With Asterisk and the phones on SIP, line 1 would be one extension and line 2 would be another.  Each has a diff DID and diff voicemail box.  I set up my one 7970 phone with extension 300 and voicemail and it works fine, but I need extension 400 to be line 2 with it's own voicemail.  I tried in CCA going to phones and users, and under line 2 adding extension 400, but as soon as I check the box voicemail to enable it, it removes it from line 300.  Line 2 isn't used as much, so it doesn't need to function the exact same way as line 1 does, just not sure how to best do it, if I should use a floating extension or if I'm missing something, at a loss here.  Thanks!

Alexander Maroukian
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Hello Lee,

You may create only one voicemail with one user under CCA.

You may overcome this if these two extensions are always left for the same user when you point the CFNA and Busy to the voicemail of the other extension to the one with the voicemail e.g. if the prefix for the transfer voicemail is 6 (you may check this under the voicemail configuration) and the first extesion is 100. Then under the second extension you set the CFNA and Busy to transfer to 6100.

Then all the voicemail for both extensions will be left in the mailbox of 100.



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Little confused still by this, just want to make sure I'm clear.  My current set up with Asterisk is you make users which are extensions, and then enable voicemail on them, so for example:

Extension 300 - Voicemail enabled

Extension 301 - Voicemail enabled

Extension 302 - No Voicemail

Etc.  And it's there that you set the username/password for each extension.  So on a SIP phone, under Line 1 registration I'd have it register Extension 300, and line 2 could register Extension 301 and so on.  If someone calls extension 300, line 1 rings and if no answer goes to the voicemail box for 300.  If someone calls Extension 301, then line 2 on the phone rings and if no answer goes to voicemail for Line 2.

I do understand what you mean how each phone is it's own "User", and so the way I have it set up now is my 7970 is my user, and it has Extension 300 with voicemail assigned to Button 1 which works fine.

I just simply need a way so that Extension 301 shows up on Button 2 on the phone, so that I can select that line to make an outbound call (with a different caller ID), and if someone calls Extension 301, then that line on my phone with also ring, BUT will go to the voicemail box for 301.  I don't need my 7970 to light up that there's a vm or anything like that, it just needs to capture the vm.

If I make a floating extension or extension mobility for a new user with extension 301 and enable voicemail, then calling 301 does go to its voicemail box, but I'm just not sure how I would have that show up on my 7970 as line 2 and ring on there and make outbound calls on there as well.  Thank you so much!

You can use phonenumberE164 on CUE to associate a secondary number to a same user/mailbox.

Sorry maybe I'm not being clear, I don't want 2 numbers for the same user.  I own 2 businesses, so I have 2 DIDs for each one and therefore 2 extensions and 2 mailboxes for each company.  I need it if a user calls line 1 on one DID it goes to one mailbox and if they call the other extension it goes there.

I seemed to have got it working.  I set up a normal extension on Line 1 with voicemail.  I then used another phone to create a shared extension for my second mailbox and enabled voicemail on it.  Then I added that shared line to line 2 on the phone.  Now it's working as expected, I have 2 extensions on the same phone, can call out from either with 2 different caller IDs, and can receive calls to either that go to 2 separate voicemail boxes.