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Multisite UC540


Hopefully a simple question.  4 sites each with UC540 - call them A,B,C,D.  Each site has at least 1 analog PSTN line.  Questions:

1) Can all lines at all sites ring at (at least 1) extension at each site?  i.e. calls arriving at A1 can ring - without AA picking up and routing - at an extension at ALL of sites A, B, C, and D?

2) Can an extension at location A place an outbound call that will use a line at site B?

Application is a small, multi-national, multi-site consulting business.  At any given time, only one site will be occupied by (nearly) the entire consulting staff and the remaining sites will have at minimum, just a receptionist.  Each consultant needs to have the ability to answer any ringing line at any site (from any site) - ideally without the intervention of an auto attendant (but if this is the only way, I can live with it).  Each consultant also needs to be able to "appear" local to each location, reguardless of his/her physical location.  I.e. if a consultant is at site B, he needs to be able to make outbound calls using the physical lines of any of the other sites.

It would be nice to use prefix dialing to select outbound facility (i.e. always dial 9 to use outbound lines at site A, 8 always selects lines at B, etc.), but this becomes problematic quickly.  Ideally, all contact database phone numbers (let's say outlook) are stored in canonical form and the UC500 can use some "smarts" to best determine the most cost effective outbound facility to use.  If this is truely the best plan, I'd sure still like a means of the user over riding this routing decision if need be.

BTW, I've not purchased the UC540's yet - so if CME or other would be a better solution, let me know.

Hope I've been clear.


Multisite with UC540 is supported using CCA 3.0 with it's Multisite Manager utility. There is a technical enablement lab #9 posted in this community that shows the MSM in CCA 2.x, which hasn't changed too much (but can be updated).

The ability to share each sites trunks in the outgoing dial plan is not supported with CCA and is probably a reason to look to CME on ISR to accomplish that with CLI.

It will also not support common directory across sites (each site has it's own call control and voice mail).

We can accomplish voice hunting among sites by adding 'external numbers' and specifying them with the extension dial plan for MS of 8sxxx, where s is a site index and xxx is the extension at that site.

If each site was 5 or less phones, remote teleworker routers would make all users appear as one unified site, giving you everything you need except you would still have the one way out to the PSTN via trunks at the host UC540.

Page 463 of the CCA 3.0 Admin Guide gives you Voice feature supported accross multisites.

If each site is not going to have many users it maybe better to have everything point back to one UC as Steve Suggested.


Unfortunately, site to site internet is not reliable enough to go with a central voice system - needs to fail to standalone at each site.  The site sizes range are 22, 16, 10, and 5 users.

So... will CME meet my needs?

So... will CME meet my needs?

UC5x0 runs CME.

Meaning, with the approapriate configuration it can do everything an ISR router does (CME-wise).

There are capabilities you can get in CME on ISR that are not in UC500.

Multisite with UC500 is limited.   SRST is not included.  Centralized dial plan or voice mail as well are not offered in UC500