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Need help to show incoming dialled number rather than CLI

A client has requested that we enable a group of SPA303-G3's to show some kind of prompt or name on their screen when a particular DDI is called.

This is so that they can answer the incoming call as a particular department within their company.

The phones are configured from a UC540W

eg.  If one number is called they can answer as one department, and differently if another number is called.

Is it possible to show the number the external caller has dialled ( or some label) rather than the CLI of the dialler?

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service dnis dir-lookup


Thanks Paolo,

Is there a way of doing this through CCA. We are currently running v3.2


Configure -> Telephony -> Users/Extensions -> Local Directory

Check "Enable directory lookup for called number".

Be sure to enter the numbers into the Local Directory with the name for the "Line".

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FYI, if it wasn't clear:

1. You need to enable dnis dir-lookup.

2. You need to enter the number for your line into the local directory with whatever name you want for the line.

3. When a call comes in on that line, it will show "Line Name" at the bottom of the phone screen (where the system message usually is).

David's suggestion works quite well too... but it is a lot more configuration and requires using up extra buttons.

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Thanks for you response.

Ive added the some test entires into the directory.  The system is only recognising the incoming number and displaying the 'Name' if it is saved without the first 0 digit.

eg  if the incoming number is 07908 XXXYYY and is saved as 'John Mobile' then to get the phone to display the name 'John Mobile' it needs to be saved in the directory without the leading 0.

Any idea why this would be the case?

Also it occurs to me that as this wont actually achieve the required result.

We need the SPA handsets to display a name associated with the Huntgroup being dialled not the number of the caller as this will change pretty much every call.

Davids method would achieve this but, as you mentioned, would burn through a lot of buttons.


You can use my "enhanced B-ACD/AA" or "number to name" scripts to display the called hunt group. These can be acquired on the website present in my profile.

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Hi Lol,

I suspect what you are after is system partitioning, I.E you want to run multiple businesses of the one machine... Whilst this is technically possible, it is not easily achieved using CCA.

I am thinking yoour topology is going to look at little like this:

XYZ Company


ACME Company

DID = 08001XXXXX

ZYX Company

DID = 08002XXXXX

And each of those companies has its own DID range or number, and you want each phone that rings to display the name of the company that was called so the staff know how to answer it.

However the only real way to achieve this is to do the following:

  • Have a separate Blast Group for each company
  • Have each a separate button for each blast group programmed on each phone that needs to be a members
  • Name each button the name of the respective company
  • Direct each Blast Group to call the respective DN/Button

The downside to this is that you can burn through buttons quickly, so if they want speed dials, or monitoring buttons then you need to consider upselling them to SPA-500S if they don't already have it, or use the SPA-509 and have the button count on that.

That's the only real suggestion I can offer you, as the UC-500 was not designed for partitioning and everything has always been just a work around to try and get a system not designed for it to try and do it... It may seem ugly but it does work


David Trad.

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Thanks for you reponse David,

As you mentioned this would burn through a lot of buttons as they End User has 8 groups they would like to separately recognise at this moment in time.

It would require replacing the SPA303's they have with different handsets and i dont think they would want to spend the money.


Hi Lol,

If you want to have a different sound depending on where the call is coming from (feature ring and regular ring) you can try this configuration I made for one of our customers(it is all done in CCA):

1) Create a floating extension for the users primary extension.

a)This can be done from Configure>  Telephony>   Users/Extensions>  Users and Phones.  The second tab has a floating  extension button.

b)Click add and enter the desired Main extension for your user then hit Ok.

2) Create a CIPC phone with a shared (dual line) line.  Set the distinctive ring to feature ring.

a) Now go to the User Extensions Tab and click Add.

b) Enter any value into the MAC Address Field.

c) Choose the phone type as CIPC.

d) Enter whatever value into the First Name, Last Name, User ID, and Password fields.

e) Click on Line 1 under button assignments.

f) Set the button type as share.

g) Enter any unused extension into the extension field.

h) Choose the Dual Line Radio button.

i) Now go over the Ring Parameters tab under the button type field.

j) Set the distinctive ring to feature.

k) Click Ok.

3) On the phone (502 in this case) assign the button as an overlay  line with the floating extension first and then the shared line.

a) Click on the user phone in the User Extensions Tab.

b) Select button 1 and set the Button Type to Overlay.

c) First move over the users main number (the floating extension number configured previously)

d) Then move over the shared line we just created.

e) Click Ok.

4) Route external calls to the shared line and internal calls to the floating extension.

Now all you need to do is setup the call flow.  Internal users will  still dial the users main extension.  For your external calls just point  the DID to the Shared extension we created.

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